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The Best Restaurants in Kenya

  Kenya is a beautiful African country lining the Indian Ocean. It offers everything from tourist attractions to sparkling beaches and delightful food. It’s no wonder I chose it as my safari destination. If you wish to explore Kenya’s food, there are so many options to try. Let’s get right …

The Lion King

The Lion King Film Saves Real Lions

  The Lion King was released to the world in 1994 and has since become a significant part of the childhood of several generations. The remake of the film released only a few weeks ago has already begun to experience the same warm welcome and excitement from fans. While everyone remains …

Beauty YouTubers

Beauty YouTubers Everyone Should Watch

Being an older woman in a society dominated by active youth can be depressing. People seem to have a general idea of how an older woman should look or act. Most will expect you to wear what is regarded as ‘old people’s clothes’, a plain face to enforce your age and …

Makeup Products

High-end Makeup Products and their Dupes

If you love to keep up with every new makeup item on the market, your finances would probably suffer because most new products are expensive. Thankfully, there is a less expensive solution to wearing any cosmetic you desire.  They are called “dupes” or cost-effective alternatives to high-end makeups. These products are so similar that you can hardly tell the difference and they cost much less!

The World’s Top Resorts for Scenic Skiing

Skiing is more than a recreational activity for those who engage in it. It may be a big part of some luxurious vacations, but skiing offers a unique adventure of its own. Skiers enjoy a wonderful escape from the scenery all around to a beautiful, pure, and magical view offered by ski resorts.

Ravello: Amalfi Coast Retreat

Ravello: Amalfi Coast Retreat

Some places are just perfect for a luxurious trip. They offer you all the magic and breathtaking beauty you can imagine. Ravello is one of such outstanding places. It is a small town sitting proudly and confidently on a cliff above the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is a popular tourist destination …

A Foodie Break at Fishmore Hall in Ludlow, UK

Fishmore Hall is a Shropshire country house hotel overlooking Ludlow. It is privately-owned and offers magnificent views of the countryside to its visitors. This Georgian house has been restored to consist of 15 luxurious, modern bedrooms and bathrooms. The hotel is dog-friendly and suitable for a vacation, lazy weekend break, …

Best Lipstick Colors for Women Over 50

Society has made people believe that women start to lose their beauty as they grow older. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth than it already is. We believe that a beautiful woman never loses track of her charm even when she hits her fifties, especially if they …

Makeup Tips For Busy Moms

Being a busy mom is like a synonym for being a full-timeworker. There is no doubt that being a mother, especially of young children, is quite a tough job. Between cleaning up your baby and preparing your toddler for going to school, you almost always forget to take care of …

Poodle on train

5 Steps to Traveling Successfully with Your Dog

If you are like most people, you love your dog as much as you love your kids and your significant other. Therefore, it is not too surprising that you want to take them with you when you travel.  After all, you know that they would not be as happy if you …

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