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Vegan Beauty Product Round-up

The beauty industry has evolved to a time where green vegan products matter and are being produced by more companies each day. These products bring a new meaning to beauty and allow consumers to use them without fear. If you want to avoid using questionable ingredients on your skin and promote clean beauty check out this vegan beauty product round-up for the best and biggest names in vegan beauty.


Aging is a leveler like no other, it steals upon us, announcing its presence with wrinkles and grey hairs. One would expect it to be welcomed with joy and satisfaction as a hallmark of experience gained but society’s expectation of what life over 40 should look like often crushes such thoughts.

Best Drugstore Beauty Products

Best Drugstore Beauty Products

Beauty products are an irreplaceable part of a woman’s life. They help you achieve your desired look each day and improve the condition of your skin. Since cosmetics developed more and more relevance to the daily routine of the average woman, new companies have sprung up each day. To suit …

Makeup Products

High-end Makeup Products and their Dupes

If you love to keep up with every new makeup item on the market, your finances would probably suffer because most new products are expensive. Thankfully, there is a less expensive solution to wearing any cosmetic you desire.  They are called “dupes” or cost-effective alternatives to high-end makeups. These products are so similar that you can hardly tell the difference and they cost much less!

Winter Beauty Tips and Products to Help You Feel Your Best

Winter is a beautiful season when you think about the calmness and coolness it brings. While winter can be amazing on one part it can be quite unfair to your beauty routine, skin, and appearance. Unlike other seasons, you would have to take specific and effective steps to enhance your beauty routine and avoid the dry skin or brittle nails that come with it.

I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™ Announces a New Formula for its Roll-On Serum

Skincare goes deeper than most of us think. It is a commitment to an effective routine that enhances our skin. Yes, everyone loves a beautiful skin, but not everyone has found a way to obtain it. I have enjoyed a career in the entertainment industry for decades, and as expected …

Beauty Trends for 2019

Trends change all the time, but it is always important to get ahead of them before they gain popularity, and then finally go out. The good thing about knowing beauty trends is that they help you add that extra spice to your personal style. 2019 is only a few days …

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: I On Beauty Edition

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: I On Beauty Edition

Holidays are a magical time of the year that everyone looks forward to. It means celebrating, spontaneous spending, eating, drinking, and of course, gifting. Gifts are part of what makes this season so special. However, if you don’t know what to get for your loved ones, you can become frustrated …

The Best Anti-Aging & Beauty Products of 2018

Fine lines and wrinkles are one of the scariest things yet. No one wants to see that stress or age is beginning to leave recognizable signs on their face. Several companies have provided consumers with cosmetic solutions to their beauty problems, but not all of them offer effective products. The …

6 Products That Started the Clean Beauty Revolution

In the quest for flawless beauty, a lot of people haven’t considered the true contents of the products they put on their skin. For the longest time, products that contained toxic ingredients we didn’t know existed, have been widely used and accepted. Thanks to the constant change in trends and …