Dolly Parton Releases Beauty Line

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For all the fans of Country music legend Dolly Parton, the singer-songwriter’s 2020 checked to-do list has certainly been the most exciting!

Dolly has recently graced us with a new holiday album, a documentary, and a Christmas movie, news of her financial contribution to fund the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and now a signed deal with Edge Beauty to launch her fragrance line.

At some level, avid fans and those who know Dolly Parton should hardly be surprised.

Dolly has always been famous for her glam-ready beauty looks. From her hair to her makeup, the 75-year-old has never disappointed, and it’s only fair to get a piece of that through a beauty line or in this case – a fragrance line.

Revealing the long-term deal signed with Edge Beauty, it’s also been confirmed that the fragrance products will be released by the spring of 2021. The press release also stated – to our delight – that Dolly’s signature scent would inspire the products.

“Fragrance has always played a major role in my life – I wear my own combination of scents every day,” Dolly explained.

“I am so excited to share this dream with my fans. Developing my own brand and scent with Edge Beauty has been an amazing experience, and I am looking forward to becoming a big part of the fragrance community.”

CEO of Edge Beauty, Steve Mormoris, has also said, “We are thrilled to share a new facet of Dolly’s personality with her millions of fans and admirers. She strikes a universal chord that resonates globally in the hearts of people across all age groups and many cultures. The Dolly Parton franchise will be a powerhouse pillar for Edge Beauty and we are delighted to build Dolly’s brand.”

“We are looking at distribution channels that range from TV shopping to specialty retail chains, drugstores, and to the mass market.” He added.

Scenting like your favorite star sounds amazing enough, but Steve Morris has hinted that Dolly’s fragrance line will offer us much more.

Dolly Parton Fragrance Launch

“We know that people like to scent their hair, clothes, homes, as well as their own skin. So we’re working on a multiplicity of olfactory forms that will indicate the fragrance value.”

Come the release in spring 2021, we will finally be able to know what has been prepared in Dolly Parton’s fragrance line.

If there was ever any doubt to if Dolly Parton made sure to give us her glam-ready looks all the time, she has also admitted that she puts in the effort to be “ambulance-ready at all times”

“I have to always stay ready—street-ready, I always say. I have to keep my makeup on and keep my hair done. If we get an earthquake, I’m not running out in the street looking like you know. I have to be ambulance-ready at all times if I get sick or something.”

We love the commitment, and we love Dolly. Hopefully, there might just be a product line for hair coming our way soon, given that Dolly has one of the best “hairdos” in the industry.

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