Alternatives to Horse Ownership

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There are various suitable alternatives to horse ownership. Owning a horse can indeed be exciting, but not having the finances shouldn’t put an end to your or your child’s wishes.  See what’s best for you and use it.


If you can’t take on the cost of buying and caring for a horse alone, you can split it with someone who can’t either. This reduces the costs on both ends but means sharing ownership of the horse for rides and everything else. There should be a signed agreement for this.

Horse lease

You can lease a horse if the owner advertises such arrangements. This means you can pay to ride a horse and spend time with them for a certain amount of time, like a few days weekly. Leasing a horse is good to perfect your riding skills or give your child the chance to connect with a hoofed friend. You can lease a lesson horse or a private horse. There might be conditions attached to either option, so be sure to select what works for you.

Horse leases also mostly involve monthly fees, and a signed agreement. There is equally the alternative to lease with an option to purchase when you have the money.

Alternatives to Horse Ownership

A working student

There is an option known as being a working student. It can work for kids and adults alike. It’s an alternative where you’ve proven to be a hard worker and have available time to spend at the barn. A working student learns new skills and cares for the horses in exchange for credits towards lessons, leases, or whatever arrangement the barn works with.


Horse rescues, horse therapy programs, and stables sometimes need volunteers. Some of these organizations might be willing to provide riding lessons or riding times in exchange for assistance. Volunteers get to spend time with the animals they love while making a difference in the world. Tasks include to groom, bathe, or care for the horses.

Riding holidays

If riding horses is your desire, you can get your fill from an equestrian holiday. Riding holidays allow you to ride horses of diverse breeds, sizes, and temperaments. You could also ride them across a variety of terrains. Find travel companies that include equestrian holidays in their schedule or search for riding holidays near you.


Pay for lessons at a nearby barn and get to spend time with horses while learning to ride and groom them. You can combine lessons with being a working student.

When you’ve heard that it costs anywhere from $4000 above to own a horse, you might reconsider if you don’t have the money and try one of the Alternatives to Horse Ownership outlined in this article

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