Fashion from the 60th Grammy Awards Red Carpet

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Joy Villa

This year’s Grammy Awards has been a fashionable one. Some of the stars making a splash on the Red Carpet included Lady Gaga. She showed up black platform boots and in a gorgeous black dress with leggings and a lace top, completed by an elegant train and a full skirt. Fellow musician Lisa Loeb also wore a classy black dress, yet the two of them paled in comparison to Joy Villa. Joy was able to make a statement without saying a word due to the fact that she wore a white gown with an image of a fetus in rainbow colors. She also carried a bag with her that said: “choose life.” Her gown was provided courtesy of Provonios, via The Bridal Garden, the non-profit Joy purchased the gown from. The rainbow-colored fetus was a touch that Joy painted onto the dress after she bought it.

Recording artist Kelly Clarkson attends the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018, in New York City.

Though other stars that appeared on the Red Carpet didn’t make the bold statement with their dresses that Joy did, many of them arrived wearing black dresses and carrying or wearing a white rose. Kelly Clarkson was one of the attendees that chose to do so, in a nod to women’s suffragette. So many of the attendees did this to show their solidarity in the midst of the #MeToo movement.

Andra Day

Other celebrities that turned heads on the Red Carpet include Cardi B, who wore a unique white structural gown. Another unique Red Carpet arrival was Andra Day, who wore an ensemble in 1990s retro style. The ensemble consisted of a tuxedo gown in lilac, with a slit that left little to the imagination. Matching buttons and red trim made the slit even more eye-catching than it would have been on its own. She added multiple necklaces, a diamond choker being among them. According to some, Andra’s outfit strongly resembled something Ivanka Trump would wear.

Grammy Awards Red Carpet
Camila Cabello

Going in a completely different direction, Camila Cabelo walked the Red Carpet in a matching red dress in silk. Its plunging sweetheart neckline and its bold red color worked together to win Camila the praise of countless social media users. Despite the fact that she almost experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction with the dress, it still made her the shining star on the Red Carpet.

Grammy Awards Red Carpet
Diane Warren arrives for the 60th Grammy Awards on January 28, 2018, in New York.

Choosing a more traditional style but less traditional accessories, Diane Warren arrived on the Red Carpet in an outfit of black and white. In lieu of the white flower, Diane chose to instead wear a pair of elegant white gloves; one had the word “girl” on it while the other one had “power” on it.

Grammy Awards Red Carpet
Rick Ross

It wasn’t just the women of the Red Carpet that made a splash. Rick Ross wore a traditional black tuxedo but paired it with gold-trimmed black fur. K. Flay appeared on the Red Carpet wearing a tuxedo jacket in black, accompanied by a button representing the Time Up movement, rather than the white flower that so many other attendees wore or held.

I had a wonderful time attending the events and the Grammy Awards themselves this weekend in New York City.

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