International Beethoven Festival 2013

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International Beethoven Festival 2013 kicked off on Sept. 7th. Spanning nine days (from Sept. 7 – 15th), Beethoven Festival: Love 2013 showcased 60 musical performances from 12 different countries. Top-level talent from around the world gathered and demonstrated their unique skills during this cultural celebration, featuring 37 world premieres and six Chicago premiers.

On August 5th, President and Artistic Director George Lepauw announced an impressive schedule including more than 60 music performances by a wide variety of artists playing a diverse collection of instruments, including the piano, violin, cello, etc. According to George, “This year’s Beethoven Festival is our most diverse yet, an extraordinary lineup of performing artists from Chicago and the world are coming together to collaborate, inspire, and explore the meaning of Beethoven, art, and love in 2013.”

Inspired by the works of Beethoven, this 3rd annual extravaganza focused on a world-wide group of significant individuals from countries such as Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland. In the spotlight were over 100 separate events; highlighting music, fashion, literature, artwork, etc. The Merit School of Music was the pinnacle venue where multiple acts played throughout this magnificent fine arts event. Some of the memorable performances included: Sept. 9th: Nikki Chooi- violin, Gabriel Cabezas- cello, Matthew Lipman- viola, and George Lepauw- piano. Sept. 12th: Jeff Zeigler- cello, Mischa Zupko- piano, and Glenn Kotche- percussion. Sept. 15th: Thomas Madeja Jazz Trio. Piano virtuoso George Lepauw was the toast of the festival, displaying his expertise and technique on multiple dates between Sept. 7th – 15th.

Chicago has a lot to be proud of for hosting fine arts spectacular of this magnitude; congratulations to George Lepauw for coordinating an amazing cultural event that lasted nine remarkable days.



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