Jesse White Foundation’s 2014 Awards Dinner

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Jesse White Foundation’s 2014 Awards Dinner held The Castle (632 N. Dearborn) was the premier venue recently where dozens of downtown’s top movers and shakers gathered to honor some of the city’s ultimate business leaders who proudly support one of Chicago’s most upstanding organizations

Five of Chicago’s biggest entrepreneurs who were being honored included: Senator James De Leo, union leader Brian Hickey, Commissioner Howard Medley, restaurateur Phil Stefani, and real estate mogul Kathy Brown. These accomplished individuals have excelled in their separate fields and have demonstrated their devotion to assisting young people who are directly associated with the Jesse White Foundation.

This 2014 Awards Dinner included an introduction by Chairman Thomas N. Benigno, an opening speech from Jesse White himself, remarks by Yvonne Jones (Exec. Director-Scholarships) along with an insightful explanation of the future Jesse White Community Center, which will be the new headquarters of the foundation and its many programs. An appropriate awards presentation with an introduction of the honorees proceeded, followed by closing commentary by Jesse White.

So after 50 years of “Helping kids soar to new heights,” the Jesse White Foundation’s mission remains the same: “To support the Jesse White Tumbling Team and Training Program, as well as administer and operate the Jesse White Scholarship Program and Jesse White Tutoring Program.”

However, in recent years, its major focus has been to raise funds for the new Community Center. With prestigious citizens who are endlessly dedicated to its success, the Jesse White Foundation and new Community Center will no doubt be achieving its goals for another 50 years to come!

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