Experiencing a Moroccan Spa Day at La Mamounia

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A Moroccan trip can hardly be complete without a visit to the most luxurious hotel in the country- La Mamounia. La Mamounia is a grand location in Marrakesh. It is where every tourist’s experience starts or ends. The stunning tiled corridors, a large pool, decorative doors, and lush green walls will bedazzle you. Being in La Mamounia is like stepping into an ancient palace of wealth and luxury.

While there are several things about the hotel to love and enjoy, the spa stands out as the best way to get a full taste of La Mamounia’s luxurious offerings. This spa is world renowned as it has won several awards. The spa comes with an irresistible pool, an oriental atmosphere, with perfect attention to detail and a dreamy feel for visitors. Most treatments tap richly from the Moroccan and eastern cultures, as well as other modern therapies.

Spa at La Mamounia


A typical Moroccan spa day at La Mamounia is a significant but all the way worthy expense. It is made as flexible as possible for you. You can pay for a treatment of your choice from options such as Moroccan hammams, facials, massages, scrub, and more. You can book the treatment with your lunch or any other flexible options available.

There are two passes available to enjoy your Moroccan spa day at La Mamounia. The first pass is the Day pass, which costs generally less than $100. It is cheaper and gives you access to the rest of the spa’s facilities for the day. You can also get a treatment before 3 PM daily. The Season Pass, on the other hand, is more pricey but rightly so. It includes a 60-minute massage or hammam treatment, lunch at the French or Italian restaurant, sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness center, and more. This pass cost more than $100. It is important to know that both passes are subject to availability, so don’t wait until the last moment to view your options.

La Mamounia

What to expect

Anything and everything luxurious! A spa day is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and feel refreshed. La Mamounia does everything to make you feel like royalty. The first thing most people observe is the impressive attention to detail. The staff or manager would explain your treatment to you and give a few words about the hotel. They will take you to a treatment room where the local therapists will give you the most relaxing massage from head to toe. You can proceed from the treatment room to the pool restaurant, Jacuzzi, or indoor pool.

We recommend a visit to La Mamounia’s gardens where several iconic movies were filmed. It is a large, well-maintained area with different magnificent trees and green, lush, grass at your feet. Don’t leave out the pavilion area amid all that nature. It is a separate area where you can be served with food and drinks.

The fitness center is large and well equipped. Tennis lovers can also enjoy the tennis court. Take a moment to plan your special experience in this enchanted Moroccan spa. Remember to dress modestly in public areas as Morocco is a Muslim country.

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