Leave-It Leash: Hollywood Stylist’s New “Leash” On Life!

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Leave-It Leash developer, Cheryl Eckert is an Emmy award-winning Hair Stylist. She started her career in Chicago, eventually moving to LA where she has been working in Hollywood for over 20 years styling for award-winning movies & TV. Some of her more notable productions include the most recent season and past seasons of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, The Oscars, People’s Choice Awards, Grammy Awards, American Idol, The Green Hornet, Eagle Eye, Charli’s Angels, Captain America, Parks & Recreation, Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls, and the list goes on and on. She is extremely accomplished and highly respected in her field. As a successful freelance artist, she regularly attends top-notch hair classes and prestigious hair shows to keep her concepts fresh and current. Cheryl strives for originality and enjoys coming up with new ideas. In her personal life, Cheryl is devoted to her family and a dog-lover.

Leave-It Leash

In addition to her dedication to her career as hairstylist to the stars, Cheryl Eckert is just as passionate about her four-legged friends. When her dog, Lola, was a puppy, she was bitten several times by off-leash dogs. Cheryl knew she had to find a way to protect Lola, as well as herself, in the event of additional attacks. She decided to carry a water spray bottle to deter the off-leash dogs. The effect was amazing and kept adequate distance between Lola and the other dogs. She continued with this method and within a few months, realized the spray of water, along with the verbal command “LEAVE IT” was working wonders! It seemed so simple and yet so effective. She and Lola were able to enjoy their walks together with new confidence and a feeling of safety.

Realizing that her method was working and recognizing that holding a squirt gun in one hand and a leash in the other was not the most convenient, the idea for the “Leave-It Leash” was born. Cheryl and co-founder, Rocco Serra, began developing a multi-purpose dog leash that would help other dog-owners with the same problem she had experienced and was simple to use. In January 2014, they began the process of developing their first prototype of the product. Once they were satisfied with the design, it was time to start manufacturing and get it ready to launch!

Leave-It Leash
Cheryl and Lola

This was a passion project that both she and Rocco believed would be the ideal solution for fellow dog walkers. They thought of everything when they designed this product. Among its many benefits, its ergonomically designed handle is easy to hold, features a refillable 9oz water tank and a conveniently located trigger to spray the water. If that wasn’t enough there is a collapsible 6oz. a water bowl that attaches directly to the side of the device! This bonus component ensures you can keep your canine companion hydrated without having to lug around a bottle of water and an additional bowl. It’s a one-stop-shop! The leash itself measures 5ft long, is made of highly durable nylon (with reflective stitching), has hooks on both sides, and has a safety wrist strap that provides added security. The “Leave-It Leash” is the first of its kind. We are excited to share this product with our readers, and congratulate Cheryl Eckert for her commitment to the safety, health, and happiness of dogs and dog walkers throughout the country. The Leave-It Leash is AVAILABLE NOW for purchase! Please CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEBSITE to see the product in action and get yours ordered today!

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