Margaux Levy and ReVersital MicrodermaStick

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Margaux Levy, a corporate lawyer turned beauty product developer, is the founder of ReVersital MicrodermaStick, one of the most unprecedented skincare brands that exist on the market today. Following her successful law career, she decided to make the transition into her passion for beauty and self-care.

When the topic of ground-breaking skincare products comes up, there is one brand in particular that comes to mind. It is always refreshing to see female inventors taking charge by producing their own companies and products, and this iconic entrepreneur is a shining example of just that.

Margaux Levy

After her involvement in the development of the Accelerated Recovery Skincare Kit, she discovered that the skincare industry fits her well. Her experience in the field from this project was applied to her own product, the MicrodermaStick.

Part of the reason why Margaux Levy’s product and online store has been so successful is that she puts a huge emphasis on branding. With the most eye-catching and aesthetically appealing designs on her packaging as well as memorable logos, she has been able to attract a loyal customer base.

She describes her company ReVersital as a simple and straight forward approach to skincare. By engineering an all-in-one product that cleanses and moisturizes the skin while providing microdermabrasion at the same time, she has solved the problem of complicated skincare products.

Margaux Levy and ReVersital MicrodermaStick

The MicrodermaStick essentially has everything you need in just one small stick applicator. After using this product just 3 times a week, it will begin to revive the skin, making it look healthier and more resilient. One of the main ingredients in her special formula is collagen, which adds elasticity and structure to the skin.

This product is not only for the face, however. Along with the ReVersital MicrodermaStick for the face, throat, and decollete, there is an additional stick that was specially designed for the body, elbows, and feet.

The MicrodermaStick provides users with microdermabrasion treatments at home for the fraction of the price that it would cost to go to the salon just one time. Ideal for busy professionals like Ms. Levy who do not have the time in their schedules to make those frequent trips, this product was created to allow women to be able to care for themselves while handling their business at the same time. This was one of the main focuses when the MicrodermaStick was developed.

There are tons of great reviews of the product, testifying its value and the amazing results that come from frequent use. In fact, the MicrodermaStick is actually preferred over an actual microdermabrasion treatment. Instead of paying a premium for one appointment, you can get multiple uses out of this one stick for half the price!

The traditional methods of microdermabrasion treatments at a salon have been reported to leave sandy grains on the face, causing a slight scratching sensation and some discomfort. However, fans of the MicrodermaStick and Margaux Levy have raved about the product resolving this issue. With a smooth and easy application, it is an increasingly convenient option for maintaining beautiful and healthy skin.


ReVersital MicrodermaStick is one of the most innovative and helpful beauty products that have ever been invented. Pioneered by someone who is passionate about caring for herself, Margaux Levy’s goal in her woman-owned brand is to empower other female businesswomen and prove to her customers that having beautiful skin can be done right from their own home.

With the help of the MicrodermaStick in different varieties for both the face and body, having and maintaining fresh and beautiful skin has never been so easy. No matter what kind of lifestyle you live or how busy your schedule is, the MicrodermaStick is definitely worth the purchase.

An inspiration to women everywhere, Margaux Levy has established a new corner of the skincare market that cuts out the complications of keeping up with the conventional standards of self-care and continues to break these barriers in everything she does within her brand.


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