My Beauty Wishlist for 2020

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My Beauty Wishlist for 2020. Have you ever passed by some products in a store or even online and just thought, “I would like to try that”? Sometimes it’s a product a friend has recommended or one product lots of people seem impressed with. Most likely we have all had this experience and very few of us have actually taken any steps towards this.

Let’s change that together, can we?

I have put together quite the lengthy wishlist for products in all sorts of categories such as skin care, hair care, and generally all things beauty. Chances are, I won’t be able to try everything by the year’s end but I’m going to do my best to try out as many as I can. So the idea here is to have these products in mind and whenever I need to say a cleansing balm, I can look to this list for a cleansing balm I would like to try. That’s a good way to get through my beauty wishlist for 2020.

Dive right in with me and get some great ideas for the wishlist. Also if you have tried any of these products, by all means, reach out to share your experience.

  1. Daughter Earth Products

Daughter Earth is an innovative brand focusing on natural products developed through Ayurvedic methods and green biochemistry. So for those who like clean, green beauty products, this brand is raising the bar. I’m up for trying the Daughter Earth antioxidant face wash, eternal youth serum, and java plum face mask.

  1. Pahadi Local

This is a luxurious brand using ingredients straight from the mountains. They imbibe simplicity and according to their story try not to strain the abundance of the Himalayas. I would like to try their Walnut Oil, Salt Detox and Himalayan Clay.

  1. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is another 100% organic skincare line. The founder has an insightful story on her experience with non-natural products. I’m looking to try Juicy Chemistry Green Apple Toner, Chilly Hair Growth Serum, Guava shampoo, Saffron Red Raspberry Facial Oil, Kakadu Plum Pomegranate Vitamin C Facial Oil, lime rice ginger soap, aloe calendula soap, and tomato potato soap. Yes, it’s a lot.

  1. Kama Ayurveda

Yes, for that spa-like experience I bet I would need rich and natural products steeped in Ayurvedic treatments. Kama Ayurveda guarantees pure ingredients and beautiful packaging. Their hand cream, foot cream, and sandalwood bath salt are on my wishlist.

  1. Inatur products

Inatur uses natural ingredients as well and the perfect blend of Ayurveda & Aromatherapy. They treat problems across skin types. My wishlist for this brand includes Inatur vitamin E face wash, vitamin c wash, and day cream, collagen cleansing foam and serum, kumkumadi cleanser, raspberry vitamin C serum, sports shower gel, and Tahitian monoi oil shampoo.

  1. Vaunt Skincare Cranberry & Tamanu Facial Oil, Watermelon Seaweed Face Mist

This combo is all for moisturizing, skin protection, and replenishing. It also protects against sun damage. Of course, I look forward to checking out these famed benefits.

  1. Raw Beauty products

Raw Beauty is primarily a haircare brand. It promises pure ingredients and guarantees effectiveness. I will be trying anything to perhaps everything here.


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