Shadow Town II: The Johns

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Shadow Town II: The Johns explores the role that cultural views of masculinity play in the perpetuation of sex crimes. A Chicagoland epidemic, the sex trafficking of young girls and women is a devastating crime that has consequences extending beyond the immediate violence and exploitation involved in the transactions themselves.

The play follows a wealthy family on the north shore of Chicago and each member’s interactions with the sex-trafficked victim known only as “Baby Girl.” With this sequel to last year’s production Shadow Town, writer Mary Bonnett seeks to highlight the disturbing finding most johns skirt moral accountability for their actions by denying that they feed into a system of modern-day slavery. Bonnett aims to bring to light the fact that sex trafficking is a problem concerning men as well as women and that men must be an active part of its solution.

ST II The JohnsMary Bonnett’s research into this issue has involved countless interviews with trafficked girls, prostitutes, pimps, johns, and the police and organizations that work to end the trade. Her stage production is a call to action, expected to move audiences with its thought-provoking plot, humor, music, and dance. Following the show is a question and answer session with experts including Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Judge Virginia Kendall, news reporter Robin Robinson, detectives, vice squad police, anti-trafficking advocacy leaders, and more.

The play will run from October 16th through November 23rd with Thursday – Saturday shows at 7:30 pm and Sunday shows at 3:00 pm at the Mayer Kaplan Theatre at 5050 Church St. in Skokie, IL. Click here to purchase tickets or call 1-800-838-3006. Proceeds benefit The Dreamcatcher Foundation.

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