Starbucks Secret Menu Items

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It’s not strange to crave something new now and then, and the Starbucks secret menu lets its customers enjoy the unusual freedom of a dream come true!

Have you ever stood in line waiting to recite your usual Starbucks order only to hear the person in front of you mumble something strange to the barista? Next thing you know, an equally strange-looking drink is delivered to him or her and it looks delicious. The only problem is that you have no idea where this drink came from.

Well, now you do. Starbucks Secret Menu Items is yours for the taking if you know what to order. There are so many items on this secret menu. In fact, they grow in number constantly. Just remember, you have to be specific with your ingredients and think outside the official Starbucks menu. You might also need to pay extra for your item.

Starbucks Secret Menu

S’mores Hot Chocolate

One pump of toffee nut syrup, one pump of cinnamon syrup, blend. Top this with cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and biscuit bits. It warms up your heart and body.

Apple Pie Frappuccino

A drinkable apple pie exists with this item from the Starbucks secret menu. The Apple Pie Frappuccino is cold, smooth, and the cinnamon powder comes on strongly. From experience, it is best to slurp down this drink quickly. Here’s how to order perfectly; Caramel cream Frappuccino, half a cup of apple juice, half a cup of milk, and cinnamon powder. Add ice and blend.

Mermaid Frappuccino

Ask your barista for a Vanilla bean Frappuccino with three scoops of freeze-dried blackberries. Then line the cup with green mixed drizzle which includes eight pumps of white mocha, three scoops of matcha powder, and three pumps of toasted coconut. Top this off with whipped cream or/and an additional drizzle.

This recipe is said to taste like raspberry ice cream but with no syrupy after taste. It looks great too. A definite head-turner.

Milk Tea

Tea lovers can get a quick fix with this super-milky milk tea. It’s pretty easy for any barista but you need to remain clear on the details. Start with unsweetened black iced tea with no extra water added. Next, are a sub-classic syrup and a splash of fresh cream. Before you mix this drink, you would see that it appears like a cup of dark beer with equal alcohol to foam ratio.


Banana Cream Pie Frappuccino

Banana Cream Pie Frappuccino looks like a perfectly creamed banana and here’s how you get it. Ask your barista for a Vanilla bean Frappuccino and one or two pumps of vanilla and hazelnut syrups. Don’t forget to include a whole banana.

  1. Purple Drink

This is a classic item on the Starbucks secret menu. It’s as simple as passion iced tea, soy milk, berries, and vanilla syrup. It is purple in the cup and tastes great.

Layered Lemonade

This recipe is tasty and trendy. Start with a layer of strawberry puree and top it off with peach infusion.



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