The Hampton Classic 2019

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The Hampton Classic 2019 is about to start on August 25th. The Hamptons have been a famous beach destination for the longest time. It consistently serves the summer rush of those who come to the island to party and those who are drawn by spectacular events like the Hampton Classic Horse Show. If anything, it’s certain that this destination changes over time to accommodate even more people. But you can always count on the Hamptons to bring you closer to nature and to one of the best equestrian events.

The Hampton Classic is a showjumping contest representing one of the largest outdoor horse events in the United States. It is held in the Bridgehampton, New York. Seasoned equestrians from all across the world come to this event to compete for the prize money of over $800, 000.

The Hampton Classic 2019

Every winner, amateur, and medalists in the game attend with up to 1,500 of the finest horses in the States. As is expected of any such significant event, the Hamptons is abuzz this time of the year with over 80 on-site shops, exotic cuisine, kids’ activities, and so much more. The highlight of the event is the Hampton Classic Grand Prix. There’s no better way to end the summer in the Hamptons.

If you have been waiting, then get ready for the Hampton Classic horse show events 2019, which will run from August 25–September 1.

And just so you can enjoy the best of the events as a well-informed and fully prepared equestrian lover, here is a look into the history of the Hampton classic. We have also included great tips to help you plan the best week-long event ever.

How classic is the Hampton Classic Horse Show?!

Riding horses in the summer have always been popular in the Hamptons. The first annual horse show in Southampton was organized in the 1900s. However, they were off to a rocky start, as the effects of the First and Second World War made it difficult for the horse show to thrive. The show was discontinued and the horses and stables sold.

The show was truly revived again in 1971 but it was not meant to be, as disaster struck in the form of a hurricane. For a few years, the show was organized on and off but was plagued with bad weather each time. It wasn’t until 1977 that the perseverance of this Southampton horse show paid off and the show began to gain momentum as a heritage horse show in the country. The Hampton Classic Grand Prix at this time was $10, 000. As the show grew in size and fame, the Grand Prix increased. Now, we can all enjoy the best of the Hampton Classic 2019 horse show events.

Tips to plan for the event.

  • Hampton Classic 2019 Grand Prix ticket options

The Grand Prix draws a large crowd and for good reason as it culminates the week-long events on a Sunday. To get in you must choose wisely and choose fast. The daily general admission is $10 per person. Young children below 6 years get free admission on most days and kids below 12 get free admission on Kid’s day. There are other ticket options for seniors and seating location. These include premium seating, standard seating, and VIP tents for the sponsors.

  • What to wear

It’s a horse show, and you want to look the part when posting your Hampton Classic pictures. Hats and sunglasses are a big deal during the events, but mostly because of the sun. If you forget your hat, there are shopping centers all around selling a wide range of hat designs.

Wear flat shoes or wedges. Avoid heels because you would have to walk through a good amount of soft dirt.


  • Don’t let the kids miss out

One of the best things about the Hampton Classic Horse Show schedule is that it allows you to include your kids. It is a family-friendly event complete with kids who take part in the sport, centers for fun kids’ activities, and much more.

Hampton Classic Horse Show
  • Do more than watch

By all means, cheer the riders. It is an exciting way to take part in sports and enjoy a full experience.

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