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Trump Presidency

There’s Plenty of Things to Worry About with a Trump Presidency

Donald Trump has said some weird stuff about debt in recent weeks. It seemed that he believes he can cut a deal with holders of US debt and pay less than face value. This, of course, would be a disaster. It would destroy the world’s belief in America’s “full faith …

Donald Trump

Donald Trump : The Powerlessness of an Independent President

Defying all expectations (including my own), Donald Trump remains the Republican frontrunner as we enter the final stretch to the early primary polls. The smart money still bets he’ll lose in the end, as the weaker candidates are winnowed away and voters in the “undecided” column make their decisions. It is expected that these erstwhile supporters of fallen candidates and so-far undecided voters will break disproportionately against Trump and toward a safer and more conventional candidate.