The Aspen Ideas Festival 2019

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What is your biggest idea? These words are synonymous with the Aspen Ideas Festival. The festival is aimed at having deep, intimate conversations on the subjects that matter to a nation and the world. Ideally, this festival is something everyone should attend but if you are a deep thinker, a curious mind, and a lover of discussions on important subjects, then the Aspen Ideas Festival should be the highlight of your year.

Aspen Ideas Festival is described as the nation’s premier and public gathering place for leaders from around the world and across several disciplines. The festival brings these great minds and leaders together to discuss ideas and issues that continually shape our lives and challenge our times.  The week-long event was founded in 2005 and has grown tremendously over the years. The festival boasts of over 3000 attendees each year. Past speakers at this remarkable event include Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Paul Ryan, David Frum, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Breyer, Eric Holder, and many others. Topics discussed range from arts to politics, family, health, understanding emotions, business, science, and so on.

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This year’s Aspen Ideas Festival will take place in Colorado from the 20thof June to the 29thof June. It starts off with the Health session which is scheduled to run from June 20 – June 23. The next session is Festival 1 which will run from June 23- June 26. The final session is Festival 2 from June 26 – June 29.

The program for this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival was developed to be flexible and engaging. It includes lectures, debates, one-on-one interviews, morning and evening sessions, and more. Since the event is open to the public, all attendees have the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique, intimate, and unforgettable experience. You will be able to interact with any speaker, scholars, artists, scientists, economists, authors, public officials, and more in open places like lunchrooms, on the sidewalks, in seminars, and so on. The 2019 festival is slated to have over 300 speakers.

Some speakers you can look forward to being:

  • Jon Batiste – Artistic Director at Large, Pianist, and Bandleader, National Jazz Museum in Harlem.
  • John Hooke – Chief Design Officer, Nike
  • Raj Chetty – Professor of Economics, Harvard University
  • Chris Christie – Governor of New Jersey
  • Mary Daly – President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
  • Masha Gessen – American-Russian Journalist
  • Kevin Love – Player, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Craig Newmark – Founder
  • Rob Reich – Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

Remember to prepare yourself with all the supplies you will need throughout the festival. Passes to the festival are currently on sale for all three sessions. An important rule of the festival is to keep your pass on you to be allowed into any sessions. It is part of security protocols for the festival.

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