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THE BEST HORSE CLIPPERS; Grooming your horse is a must for all horse owners, especially during winter. Horses sweat a lot more when ridden in winter. A properly clipped horse is easier to clean after a long winter ride. Not to mention they look way better to anyone. It also makes it quite easy to shed during the summer.

Whether you have a competition horse, horse friend, or you’d like to start a clipping business, you’d have to invest in a good clipper.

How To Know The Best Horse Clipper For Your Horse?

  • What’s Your Budget?

Before you consider getting a clipper, you should know how much it would cost on average. Knowing the price range will go a long way to helping you choose the right clipper, and you wouldn’t have to break the bank if you go to the shop with a clear idea in mind. If you’re looking to get a secondhand clipper, make sure to get it checked by an electrician. It could present a few faults, and you don’t want to have any accidents occur when you’re using it.

  • Know Your Horse:

If you have a horse that’s sensitive and doesn’t like being clipped, it would be best for you to get a clipper with low vibration. Trimmers can also be a good start for horses that are sensitive or for young horses. Going for a cordless clipper would also be a wise choice for your nervous horse. You don’t want him tangled up in the wires or hurt by the clipper. If you’re the mover, getting a clipper that’s easy to carry around would be a much better option.

  • Types Of Clippers According To Its Purpose:

Looking into doing a lot more heavy, full-body trims? Then you would need heavy-duty clippers. Light-duty clippers are better suited for trims and give those shorter, finer coats we see and love. Medium-duty clippers are a nice mix of both. They’re more popular and suit the needs of most horse owners. You should consider going for rechargeable, cordless clippers as well. Make sure you go for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

They last a lot longer and won’t cost too much. If you’re a horse groomer with a lot more horses, you’d need more than one clipper to get the job done. Go for the horse clippers with multiple speed settings and blades for different designs, clipper oils, a blade brush, carrying cases, and combs.

Remember that clippers tend to overheat as you work, so check on their temperature and turn them off every ten minutes to let them cool off or oil the blades to stop them from overheating. A hot clipper could hurt your horse and make him even more sensitive to being clipped. Be sure to go for quality brands that’d last a longer period. You shouldn’t be going clipper shopping every other month of the year.

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