The Social Haus

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What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word “luxury”? Fast cars? Designer Clothes? Expensive houses? Well, it’s all that and more!

With the incredible explosion of millionaires in recent times, it has become increasingly important to find and explore new and exciting avenues of relaxation.

Let’s talk about one of such luxurious secluded getaways today – The Social Haus.

Pioneered by the exceptional team at The Green O, The Social Haus is a stand-alone, exclusive venue that boasts of an open-air kitchen with an emphasis on live-fire cooking, replete with dining areas and exquisite lounges that give off panoramic views of the surrounding forest.

With a delightful array of menus to choose from, guests are assured of a whole new culinary experience, every time they visit the kitchens.

Inspired By Nature

The Social Haus is designed in such a way as to evoke a deep appreciation for the beauty of Mother Nature while enjoying sumptuous meals.

With enormous windows opened up to the outdoor air and a centrally placed fireplace, diners are treated to the pleasant mix of pine-scented air and mouth-watering cooking aromas.

As daylight turns to dusk, the restaurant’s aesthetics come to life, enhanced with artisan lighting that shows off the Shou Sugi Ban wood walls, further deepening the feeling of being in the forest’s warm embrace.

The Social Haus


All of the amazing dishes offered are prepared from locally sourced food ingredients following The Green O’s kitchen philosophy to “cook locally, cook sustainably”.

The team’s strong interaction with the local farming community ensures that only the best and freshest food items such as beef, cherries, milk, just to mention a few, are locally sourced for and used in its kitchens.

Besides its robust menu, diners at The Social Haus reserve the right to request tailored dishes from whatever the menu offers which makes for an overall exciting culinary experience.

The Social Haus kitchen staff comprises experienced chefs and sou-chefs with vast culinary backgrounds, coming together to give diners a delightful culinary journey. The amazing team is led by Executive Chef Brandon Cunningham.

The Social Haus

Some menu highlights include the Social Haus’ special Duck breast with charred beets and roasted sturgeon with eggplant.

Guests who want to enjoy the amazing delicacies offered by The Social Haus team would need to make reservations at The Green O and explore the available options for one that suits their tastes.

When it comes to luxurious resorts and restaurants, The Social Haus measures up to par for those seeking to explore the diverse world of food flavors in a serene, private and comfortable environment far removed from the hustle and bustle of life on the super-fast lane.

Overnight rates at the Green O start at $2,786 excluding taxes and resort fees for up to 2 adults. It includes three daily meals, drinks like liquor, house beer, wine, and transportation like airport transfers and on-property transport. You can make reservations on The Green O’s website.

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