Equestrian Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

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Next to dogs; horses are a strong contender in line for the title of “man’s best friend” and it’s no wonder why.

From the conquests of Genghis Khan to Julius Caesar’s famous campaigns to Napoleon’s wars to the rise of the British Empire, and even in good old Texas of the Wild Wild West, these beautiful, strong, and intelligent creatures have always been there for us.

Unlike ancient times when riding a horse was considered necessary for transportation and warfare, modern-day horse riding has evolved to become more of a fun-filled, pleasurable affair.

So if you’re an avid horse lover and you’d love nothing more than to connect with other like-minded folks like you showing their love for horses on the gram, then sit tight for some directions!

Equestrian Instagram Accounts

Here are six of the many great equestrian Instagram accounts we absolutely feel you should follow for the love of horses!

  1. Donna Smyth Fine Art (@donnasmythfineart)

When it comes to paintings, Donna certainly doesn’t “horse” around! She’s arguably the Picasso for oil paintings of her favorite horse breed models – Mustangs. With over a dozen beautiful pictures on her page, Donna Smyth is one to follow if you appreciate fine art as a horse lover.

  1. Devonzaside (@devonzaside)

With over 150+ posts, Devon Zebrovious introduces us to the age-old practice of fox hunting and shows off her side-saddle horse riding skills in several poses that are as captivating as they are engaging! This horse-riding attorney’s Instagram account is one to follow.

  1. The Black Cowgirl (@theblackcowgirl)

With over 7,000 followers, Caitlin Gooch brings a little of the exotic spice to the table with her down-to-earth, narrative-filled posts about life as an African equestrian. Her nonprofit, Saddle Up and Read, encourages good reading habits in children by motivating them with horses.

  1. The Preppi Pony Company(@thepreppiponycompany)

With over 15,000 followers and 2000+ posts, Lindsey of the Preppi Pony Company is certainly a force to reckon with within the fashion industry for horse lovers. Her work incorporates designs from virtually all aspects of horse-riding. From trail riding to fox hunting to saddle seat-themed designs, there is definitely something for everyone!

  1. Mary’s Tack and Feed (@marystackshop)

Top-notch customer service, delivery, quality products, and an amazing page of beautiful content are just a few of the reasons why thousands of folks follow this Instagram account – and why you should too. Whether it’s to buy new riding gear or to keep abreast of the latest trends in the equestrian world.

  1. African Horse Safaris (@africanhorsesafaris)

With over 1000+ horse posts, the stunning pictures and videos of horse-riding adventures across the beautiful continent of Africa would surely captivate you. So if you’re one horse lover with a thirst for adventure, this is a page you’d want to follow as soon as possible! Watch out for the wildlife too.

There you have it. Six of the most interesting equestrian Instagram accounts to follow in 2021.


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