Why Visit the Turquoise Coast, Turkey

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Many wonder how the Turquoise Coast got its name. Some say the various hues of the horizon and the sea inspired its name. Others say it’s because of the gemstone turquoise. Who wouldn’t love a place that is all shades of turquoise? The Turquoise Coast is located at the southwestern most shore of Turkey. Turkey is famous for its rich history, fine beaches, mountainous scenery, coves, inlets, and bays. It is a country of scenic beauty and Greek islands.

The Turquoise Coast offers a most inviting legacy of archeological ruins, historic sites, clear waters, gemstones, turtles, stretches of sand, and so much more. It is a picture-perfect location for a relaxing vacation, romantic trip, or timeout. Don’t fret if you are thinking of reasons to choose the luxury of this Turkish coast over other options, we have them right here. Falling in love with the magnificence of the Turquoise Coast is only a few words away.

  • Save on cash

Turkey is a considerably cheap holiday destination because currencies like the pound stand strongly against Turkish Lira. You can enjoy the most luxurious time with a substantial sum and save for other obligations.

  • Beaches

The Turquoise Coast has the most diverse beaches. You can choose from the most popular and beautiful beaches, but each is unique in its own way. In the eastern village of Cirali, you get to swim with turtles and see Mount Olympos. Resorts like Kas and Kalkan are popular for their wide sand beaches suitable for a family’s day out. Then, there is the semi-enclosed lagoon of Oludeniz where you can lie out in the sun with your towel.

  • Water sports

If you are up for some exciting activities in the beautiful Turquoise Coast, you should indulge in water sports. Starting with diving, waterskiing, or parasailing, you can have your heart racing in no time. There are several sports operators to guide you through fun-filled days and water adventures. The Hillside Beach Club is known as the most popular water sports operator. They offer everything including kayak hire, waterskiing, and para-gliding. Another option is Bodrum. Bodrum is a large resort and one of the largest in the country. You can do literally anything you can think of in Bodrum. Other water sports destinations are found in Gumbet Bay.


  • Explore the ruins

It’s amazing how you can explore the most famous ruins at the Turquoise Coast without having to deal with a crowd. Check out the archeological sites at this Turkish coast where several treasures have been discovered.

  • Luxurious hotels

There was a time when the Turquoise Coast didn’t have much in accommodation options but a lot has changed and some of the most luxurious Turkey hotels sit on this coast. Some hotels come with a butler and breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea.

  • A dose of strangeness

Get a taste of something new and freshly unusual when you stay at the rotating hotel. This hotel was designed to give visitors enjoyable views each time. There’s also a hotel with the longest pool and the highest number of mirrors in a room.


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