Women’s Day 2017: Be Bold For Change

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It’s March 8 and in the United States, we celebrate the official day selected to represent, honor and pay tribute to all women around the world. Here at I On The Scene, we are proud to be founded by an intelligent, empowering and fierce force of a female, Irene Michaels, who has built this creative hub with all of us in mind.

Women’s Day

Today, we continue our support of this year’s theme, #BeBoldForChange. The following mini-video tributes were selected especially because they represent some of the most important moments in the history of women in the United States, specifically those that women have spearheaded.

If you haven’t already seen our list of Chicago events happening today and the rest of the month – which also officially recognizes the history of women’s accomplishments – read it here and make sure to check back frequently as it will be updated with last-minute and pop-up events.

For more information regarding International Women’s Day, the organization, or a complete list of events happening around the world as well as general information and resources, check out IWD here.

Women’s Day

Women Who Make America

Secrets Of The World’s Most Powerful Women

‘On Her Shoulders’ – International Women’s Day Documentary

Documentary on Women’s Liberation Movement

Women’s Suffrage Documentary

Women’s History Month at the Library of Congress with Cokie Roberts’ “Ladies of Liberty”

A Short History of Women in the US Military

Jane Addams: A Fascinating Study of One of the Most Intriguing and Important Women in History


Top 10 First for Women In History

Great Women in American History

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