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Anti-aging benefits of pets

I ON BEAUTY: Anti-aging Benefits of Pet Ownership

Increased Activity If you’re looking for an excuse to exercise, adopt a dog! Not only do our fur-kids require regular walks, they make outdoor games fun! In fact, there have been studies showing a significant increase in walking among pet owners. Around ¾ of dog owners have spent their time …

woman with dog

Rapamycin for Anti-Aging in Dogs, Humans Next???

Aging is one of the facts of life, but it seems that nobody wants to accept that. Before people were turning towards alchemy and elixirs of life, and now its science. And from the looks it, science just might have a solution. Rapamycin is a drug given to people who …

Woman with foods for healthy hair

I On Beauty: Foods for Healthy Hair

It’s safe to say that everyone dreams of having long, thick, healthy hair. Our hair can be our proudest feature, and our pride shows with just how much maintenance we put into haircare. We wash, condition and detangle it. We apply masks and treatments meat to moisturise, repair, strengthen and define.  We spend hours blow-drying, straightening and styling it, and spend hundreds of dollars at salons every year to keep up with different services.

5 Of The Best Anti-Aging Products To Add To Your Hair Arsenal

Often times, our faces receive the most attention and care when it comes to preventing the wrinkling, spots and sagging that comes with age. We rarely – if ever – consider the fact that our hair can deteriorate with age, too!

The Generous Guide to Going Gray

If you’re thinking about going gray and finally allowing your salt-and-pepper strands to grow freely, the chances are that you’re pretty nervous. However, there’s good news! Letting your mane go gray doesn’t have to be scary. With this simple guide on steps to make the process easier, you’ll find that …

I On Beauty: Anti-aging Benefits of 5 Teas

Tea has been clinically proven the best beverage as it brings anti-aging benefits for all the layers of skin. Tea has less caffeine than coffee and the anti-oxidant properties keep the body and skin always hydrated and healthy.

I On Beauty: Seven Anti-Aging Tips

Who does not like the idea of the days when we were young, free and stress free without fine lines and wrinkles on the skin? It has become quite familiar to adopt such methods and approaches where one can look like a person much younger than their age. Many natural …

June Jacobs Header

The Beauty and Brains Behind June Jacobs

When the opportunity came up to interview June Jacobs I jumped at it. I have been very impressed with all her work and wanted to learn more about her. If you enjoy pampering yourself to luxurious spa treatments you are probably already very familiar with June Jacobs skin care line, …

Summer Skin Care: Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy & Nourished

Sure, it’s very easy to kick back and relax in the summer. After all, long sunny summer days are practically made for vacations! While you can certainly recline in your beach chair and let the whole world wait, slacking on your summer skin care is simply something you cannot afford. …

Five Fabulous Faves

Stepping into the cosmetic world, we all have our personal favorites, don’t we? You might love Maybelline or Rimmel. Someone else might adore L’Oréal. It is the way the beauty world goes. But today, I will be opening up about my personal favorites or the five fabulous faves of mine. …