African Safari Packing List

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An African safari takes months to plan and the excitement just keeps building higher and higher. So let’s say you could finally put it all together and all that’s left is to pick up your bags and head out to an awesome African Safari experience! What exactly do you pack in those bags?

Several times I have been in these very shoes wondering just what to take on a trip, I soon learned some helpful tips. But you know, when it comes to an African Safari, not all your tips may apply.

The good news is I have your back on this, especially with my own Kenya Safari experience. You already know you have to consider your Safari destination, the weather, safety, activities you would be doing and more. Here’s what you should put on your packing list.



I always pack these first because I believe they are the most important for your journey. After all, you can’t go anywhere without your documents. Be sure to pack your passport, health cards, e-tickets, credit cards, and any other important document you may be asked for.


You must take a vaccine and immunization against illnesses like typhoid before you go on a Safari. Pack extra medications for malaria, motion sickness, and any prescription drugs you have. Keep these close to you in your hand luggage.


This is mandatory and can vary depending on your personal needs through the African Safari. Usually, the toiletries should include insect repellant, sunscreen, lip balm, shampoo, deodorants, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand lotion, electric razors, and hand sanitizers.

African Safari


The weather can be very different from what you are used to, so it is advisable to prepare for diverse forms of hot and cold temperatures. Also, activities you will get involved in can influence what you wear.

Pack casual clothing like airy clothes; long trousers and lots of long sleeves. Stick to several neutral-colored clothing and a few bright colors. Include comfortable shoes such as runners, flat shoes, and more. Just don’t overdo it with some hardcore hiking boots. Sport sandals are a good idea too. A wide-brimmed safari hat, long and short socks, and t-shirts should be added. Don’t forget jackets, a fleece, sunglasses, and clothes that allow you to layer comfortably. The tricky thing about packing clothing is that you must resist the urge to pack everything you own. Pack between one and four of each category and you will be fine.

A good camera and binoculars

Trust me you don’t want to regret capturing every moment and going deeper into your Safari experience. A good pair of binoculars is essential for wildlife viewing on a Safari. Buy the best you can afford. Keep a camera by your side always and use it at every chance you get.


Phone and accessories

Your phone, laptop, or other devices will come in handy for a long trip to Africa. Don’t depend on the entertainment provided on the flight to keep you excited.

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