Donna Ewing: An Angel Among Us

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Donna Ewing has been caring for animals since she was 10 years old when she first released a dog whose collar had been nailed to a playhouse by other children. She got into some trouble with her teacher and the dog owner, but it only served to further fuel a passion and love for animals. Donna now leads one of the most important organizations focused on the rescue of abused and neglected horses and other hooved animals – The Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society (HARPS), a 501(c)3 non-for-profit founded in 2001.

HARPS_CollageFormerly the founder of the Hooved Animal Humane Society, Donna is now the President and Founder of HARPS, located in Barrington, and has been rescuing horses for over forty years.

She played an integral role in passing the 1973 “Humane Care for Animals Act” in Illinois, which changed the laws governing the protection of hooved animals. Most recently, Donna worked with legislators to make changes to Senate Bill 629 that provides law enforcement officers and the Department of Agriculture with clear procedures for the removal of animals from abusive conditions.

Donna_Loretta_HARPS“Animal lovers and owners know how important the health and well-being of their pets are,” Governor George Ryan said. “These animals are companions and friends and mean as much to us as members of our families. They deserve to be treated with dignity and count on us to provide them with the utmost care and respect and that is what these bills will do.”

At HARPS, Donna and her team work alongside the Illinois Department of Agriculture, as well as volunteer investigators, in rescue and protection endeavors across the nation. The “champion the humane care of equines and other hoofed animals through legislation, investigation, impoundment, rehabilitation, education and overall community outreach.”

HorseKissIf you love horses as much as I do, you’ll be astounded when you take a look at some of the before and after photos of the animals, they’ve rescued. It definitely gives you a better understanding of the amazing work they’re doing at HARPS. They provide a welcoming and natural environment for the physical and mental rehabilitation of these wonderful animals, through love, care, and understanding.

DonnaEwing_HARPSHARPS also provides a unique option for animal lovers to adopt rescued and rehabilitated horses, pigs and more. And, if you’re looking for a home for your own horse, HARPS will list your horse’s photo and information for two months.

Through membership and donations, HARPS is able to continue helping animals in desperate need of rescue. Plus, membership and donations are tax-deductible and entitle you to the Harpstrings Magazine. Take a look at some of their videos here.

For more information about HARPS and all they do, visit or give them a call at 847-382-0503.

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