Equestrian Subscription Boxes

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For some people, a horse is more than a ride. They can be very people friendly and quickly become a member of your family or a much-loved pet. There’s nothing better you can offer your hoofed friend than a lot of love and pampering. This is where equestrian subscription boxes come in.

Equestrian subscription boxes are just like other monthly subscription boxes. They usually contain treats, toys, accessories, and in this case of equestrian boxes, there’s sometimes a gift included for you as well. Here are some equestrian folk favorites to indulge in.

Saddle Box

You might be familiar with the Saddle Box, as it is one of the most popular equestrian subscription boxes. The Saddle Box includes grooming products, tacks, treats, and gifts for you such as equipment, gear, socks, riding gloves, and more. This monthly subscription box costs $34.95 monthly. Delivery is free with the USA.


The Stable Box

The Stable Box is a flexible subscription box that offers one, three, or six-month plans. You can cancel your subscription or change it at any time. You can also find out about new products before they get out there.  The Stable Box includes full-sized products (up to 5) for both you and your hoofed friend. You can expect anything from a rope halter to treats, tack cleaner, and argyle socks. A current copy of Horse & Rider magazine is also guaranteed with each package. A single Stable Box costs $39.99 but there’s a good chance to save on the price when you subscribe.

A Horse Box

A Horse Box is better known as the original equestrian subscription box. It delivers on both horse and rider goodies each month from fresh brands and long-time favorites. These goodies include a variety of gourmet horse treats, apparel, dewormer, grooming products, and so on. The items can be between four and six in a box. The monthly cost is $29.99.

Cavali Club

In their own words Cavali Club is ‘The equestrian lifestyle box’. Cavali Club is one of the finer equestrian subscription boxes. They deliver the boxes four times a year. Each box is curated to your needs. It includes anything from accessories to art, grooming items, and more. There is also a gift for riders as well. The cost of this subscription box is between $52 and $55 depending on how you subscribe.


Giddy-up Goodies

Just like it sounds, this equestrian subscription box is as fun and useful as they come. Giddy-up Goodies specializes in finding unique items to excite you and your horse. The box can include grooming tools, treats, show necessities, and surprises for you the rider. They offer several pocket-friendly options for you to subscribe and are known to have the biggest sign-up options. A Giddy-up Goodies individual box costs $60 but you can save up by subscribing.

So, it’s clear there are a lot of equestrian monthly subscription boxes to choose from. You can decide by considering what your horse likes or needs.

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