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Hemp for Horses

Hemp for Horses

Humans are mammals and so are many common domestic animals including cats, dogs, and horses. Generally speaking, a mammal is any warm-blooded animal with hair or fur and they normally give nourishment to their young through milk.  All mammals have receptors throughout their body and these make use of organic material. A specific type of receptor is called a cannabinoid receptor.

Inaugural GAUNTLET OF POLO™ Series Launches February 2019

Polo is often described as the sport of kings. It is one of the most dangerous, heart racing, and thrilling games in the world. Polo was once a highly recognized sport with countries like the United States leading in seasoned teams. However, most people believe that it is a glamorous sport for royals and the rich alike.

Cowboy Christmas 2018 – Here’s Everything That You Need To Know

So, the Cowboy Christmas 2018 is coming your way this December from 6 to 15thof December. Here we have all the important information that you need for the all-important and exciting happening of Cowboy Christmas

Dozens Of Horses Rescued From California Wildfires

Dozens Of Horses Rescued From California Wildfires

In Southern California, just outside Los Angeles, the Woolsey Fire was 91 percent contained after burning 96,949 acres and killing three people, at the time of this article posting. As the state begins the long journey towards recovering from the tragic California wildfires, we’re taking a look at the honorable …

Horses Without Humans

As horse lovers, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to help our beloved equine friends. While there may be a considerable amount of bad in the equestrian world, there is also an overwhelmingly large amount of good. This is especially true in the case of Horses Without …

43rd Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show

As the 43rd Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show winds up for the year until its end on September 2nd, we’re taking a look back on the highlights of the first couple days of the massive New York equestrian event that brings horses, riders, and their trainers together at the end …

Tempel Lipizzan Horses: 60 Exciting Years in the U.S.

Celebrating 60 years in the United States, descendants of The Smiths hosted a fabulous Diamond Anniversary Gala Performance featuring their extraordinary Lipizzan horses in Wadsworth, Illinois. Originally from Austria and arriving in the U.S. in 1958, Tempel Smith and his horses made their new home in Wadsworth, IL and horseback …

Kentucky CSI3* Invitational Grand Prix

At the Kentucky CSI3* Invitational Grand Prix at the Land Rover Kentucky Three – Day Event t thousands of horse enthusiasts from across the country and around the world rose to their feet and gave Santiago Lambre a standing ovation as he guided showjumping horse Dingeman across the finish line …

International Jumping Competition

International Jumping Competition in Barcelona

I am highly looking forward to covering this year’s International Jumping Competition in Barcelona. This year will mark the organizations 107th show, with patrons flocking from all over the world to watch the incredible horsemanship and incredible feats. I’ve been involved with horses most of my life, but this is …

Hampton Classic 2017

The Hampton Classic 2017 in Bridgehampton, NY, is one of the most high-profile and elegant equestrian events in the nation. Held annually, it showcases the very highest levels of jumper competition and hosts the top tier of riders and horses from all over the world. The elegance of the Hampton Classic …