Curl Hair Without Heat a How-To

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Curl Hair Without Heat a How-To – every lady likes to flaunt some bouncy curls once in a while but that often includes whipping out a flat iron and dealing with heat on your scalp and hands. Thankfully, hacks on getting natural curls WITHOUT HEAT have always existed and you can dig into those tips right now.

Some say these are methods for your lazy days. I think they are for any day because not only is dealing with a flat iron stressful, too much heat treatment is not a healthy way to treat your hair.


If you have ever rumpled a piece of paper and scrunched it real good, this is right up your alley. Wash your hair and pat dry. Then apply a curl-enhancing product like a mousse, gel, or sea salt spray. Apply it generously and scrunch away. Scrunch upwards, avoiding the roots of your hair. When it’s done, leave your hair to dry and you would have beach vibe curls!


Braids remain the most popular and easiest way to get curls overnight. Simply braid your hair as tightly as you like and sleep in it that way. Loosen up the braid the next day and enjoy loose or tighter curls. You can apply hair oil to smooth frizz.

The old t-shirt

Perhaps it’s time for a short reminder that these are hacks so there’s no surprise here. Roll up an old t-shirt and tie it around your head like a halo. Now, wrap pieces of hair around the halo and pin them in. Sleep in it and loosen up the next morning for natural bouncy smooth curls.


Rollers are not a new item in hair care, but a lot of ladies seem to think it’s a thing for grandmas. Rollers are efficient in giving you natural curls with a simple procedure. Get the size of the rollers you like and wash your hair. Roll damp hair onto each roller and pin it in place. Let the setup dry overnight and remove the rollers gently in the morning. They give the bounciest curls.

Pin curls

This has a very specific style that never goes out of fashion for all ages. Part your hair into sections and start working with one section first. Roll a piece of your hair upwards until its snug against your roots then pins it in place. Do this until you have a head full of rolls and secured with pins. Wrap a silk scarf around it and sleep in it. As usual, remove the pins the next morning and flaunt those curls.

Good ole twisting

French twists seem like the most difficult thing, but they are actually pretty easy. Twist your hair tightly over each other. Try to twist with order and hold firm. Gather the twists into a bun and leave for at least 6 hours. Pull them out gently afterward to reveal soft waves.

A good tip with natural curls is to detangle with your fingers rather than a brush through them. Brushing can cause the hair to frizz.

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