The Miracle of Mayonnaise

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Sometime in 1756, the French chef of Duke de Richelieu invented mayonnaise. Then the Romans made a fine mixture of eggs and olive oil and this became known as the first real mayonnaise ever made.

We know mayo as that creamy lovely spread. It’s tasty and is easily found in your kitchen. But have you ever wondered if mayo could do more than make a tasty snack? Some beauty experts would say that anything good enough to go down your tummy might just be good enough for the skin and hair – but be sure to do some research before trying to bathe in jam or all sorts of edible stuff.

Here are the benefits mayonnaise can offer in the beauty industry.

  • A hair conditioner

By just thinking about it, you can see how your hair might benefit from a mayo conditioner especially considering the main ingredients – egg and oil. To take advantage of this mayo benefit in skincare, massage a generous amount of mayo into your scalp and hair. Cover with a shower cap and leave to sit for up to an hour. Wash off afterward for stronger, shinier, healthy hair.

  • Hydrated, soft skin

Who would not want their skin to be baby soft? Simply lather on mayonnaise is a moderate amount and leave for about 10 minutes. Wash off and marvel at the soft, hydrated skin. The same method applies to a spa-worthy face mask.

  • Calms inflammation

For inflammations like a sunburn situation, mayonnaise helps to calm things down and moisturize the skin. Apply mayonnaise liberally on the inflamed area and wash off later.

The Miracle of Mayonnaise
  • Kill head lice

Head lice are nasty and most times it requires prescription medication to get rid of them. But not anymore with mayo. For kids and adults alike apply a good amount of mayonnaise on the scalp and hair before sleeping. Ensure you cover with a shower cap for maximum effect. Wash off with a shampoo and use a fine-tooth comb to eliminate any remaining lice in the morning. Repeat this procedure for 7-10 days for permanent results.

  • Fingernail strengthener

Do your fingernails break and seem weak? Or do you need them to stand out? Weak or ugly fingernails can put a dent in your beauty routine that involves perfectly manicured nails. Fret no more and dive into the miracle of mayonnaise. I mean this literally. Put a good amount of mayonnaise in a bowl and dip your fingernails in. Wash after 5 minutes.

  • Dry scalp

Dry, itchy scalp can be as good as gone with mayo on your beauty shelf. Apply a few tablespoons of mayo to your scalp and massage thoroughly with your fingers. Aside from helping to moisturize the scalp and eliminate the dryness and itch, the massage also promotes blood circulation.

  • Elbow and knee softener

Remember those stubborn patches of skin on the elbow and knee that always seem dry? Apply mayonnaise and rinse off after up to 15 minutes during a shower. The skin is moisturized, made supple, and smooth.

And that is The Miracle of Mayonnaise

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