Floating Day Clubs the Next Craze

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We know about night clubs all around and floating markets in Bangkok. But what happens when you can bring the party to the daytime and a bar suspended on the water. Magical!

Floating Day Clubs have been active in places like New York, Miami, San Diego, and Philadelphia. Although they are usually open half a year, day clubs make up to $250 million yearly. With all of this to inspire, CEO of Lebua Hotels & Resorts, Deepak Ohri has confirmed the launch of a day Club by the end of the year. The club is set to float on the Chao Praya River.

Lebua at State Tower is one of the most popular and iconic hotels in Bangkok and since Deepak Ohri inherited the building in 2003, he has made transformations that continue to impress.

The Float for the day club will have two barges. One barge is being designed as a luxurious floating day club and the other a more price accessible day club. On both barges, guests can enjoy the provision of daybeds, private cabanas, glass-enclosed air condition lounges, decks, DJs, indoor and outdoor pools, and diverse dining options. The club is designed with stylish yacht parties and beach clubs in mind.

Floating Day Clubs

“This will give them something unique to do, to have fun, and see more of the city as they cruise up and down the river.” Deepak Ohri said.

Floating day clubs are not new to other parts of the world but in Thailand and South East Asia, it is a fresh concept.

Other Floating day clubs around the world include floating river clubs known as splavs in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The splavs are constructed by linking up boardwalks spread across other individual rafts. They are designed differently. Hence you can see huts, patios, or contemporary bungalows suitable for lounging and partying.

The Monaco Life Club on the French Riviera has a floating beach bar separate from the building. Its activities and amenities are similar to those of traditional beach clubs. You can find a pool, sun chairs, gazebos, and an amazing view of the water.

Down South in Australia, the Sydney Harbour hosts a floating night club called Seadeck. Seadeck offers VIP booths, dance floors, and international DJs. There are more and more of these floating day clubs opening up every day and from all indications, Deepak Ohri’s floating day club launch might not be the only launch by the end of the year.

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