Fly Bonnets by Bascule Bonnets

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Fly Bonnets by Bascule Bonnets — Yes, horses wear hats. Only they’re not called hats, they’re called fly bonnets. But before we dive into the extra special fly bonnets by Bascule Bonnets, we’ll take a moment to address why horses need these hats in the first place.

If you have a hoofed friend, you’d have noticed a few things. Like how bugs, flies, and dirt trying to make a home in their ears. Or how wind, mane/forelocks, and noises tend to be a bother.

Fly bonnets help prevent all that by protecting your horse’s ears and keeping the noise out. It’s especially helpful for avoiding distractions and getting your horse to depend more on the rider for directions.

Plus, if you go for fly bonnets by Bascule Bonnets, your horse will look super cute.

Fly Bonnets by Bascule Bonnets

It all started when Brittany Testa couldn’t find the exact fly bonnet she needed for her horse.

It was only a navy with kelly green and white trim fly bonnet, but for some reason, it didn’t exist.

So Brittany decided she would make it herself and she learned to crochet. This led her to establish Bascule Bonnets, a fly bonnet company that sells handmade custom fly bonnets.

Now Brittany makes fly bonnets for all horses, including ponies and minis. Custom orders can take around 1-4 weeks to finish depending on if you’ve ordered some special colors and trim.

Send Brittany a message to order her custom bonnets.

The Bonnets themselves are made from mercerized yarn that maintain their smoothness and a slight sheen.

You can shop ready-to-go fly bonnets easily on the Bascule Bonnets website. Simply choose your favorite designs and pick the size and style.

You’ll find a variety of options for size, including cob, cob/soundproof, horse, horse/soundproof, warmblood, and warmblood/ soundproof. And style options include rounded front, v-shaped front, square-front, and tie-down.

The bonnets can withstand repeated use and washing. BB’s ears are made of stretchy performance fabric to accommodate a variety of ear sizes, yet still breathe in warmer climates.

Brittany’s horse Warrior was the earliest model for her beautiful horse hats. Although he’s now retired, BB welcomes new ambassadors occasionally.

Enjoy beautiful fly bonnets pictures and cute modeling horses on Bascule Bonnets Instagram.



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