Best Architect in the Hamptons: Bill Sclight

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In this modern age, home and building designs have taken a different turn. More and more homes that leave you speechless are erected at every corner. The right architect can make a home the coziest work of art. Hence, from looking amazing to fulfilling your needs, architects like Bill Sclight always deliver on the best Hamptons homes.

Bill Sclight is well known as one of the Best Architects in The Hamptons. He has designed severally homes both within and outside Hampton. His firm, W.A. Sclight Architect P.C was founded in 2002. It is fully staffed with seasoned architects and has obtained a reputation for attention to detail and a keen eye for light, proportion, scale, and texture. These qualities are vital for a high standard architect firm.

Best Architect in the Hamptons: Bill Sclight

Bill Sclight began his career shortly after moving to the Hamptons in 1985. After the years that passed, he established the firm and has since completed numerous projects. Bill has always had a feeling for space and a sharp eye for aesthetic value. He believes that service to the client is most important and works diligently to design some of the most splendid homes and buildings. Bill is a great traveler who loves to explore buildings in every environment. He admits to being inspired by old world influences and even fresh contemporary designs. He pays great attention to detail, and this quality is well expressed by his entire staff. Bill Sclight believes that the manner in which light falls on a room makes all the difference. He focuses on exquisite designs that suit the lifestyle of his clients. He strives to produce structures that respond to the individual aspirations of his clients.

Best Architect in the Hamptons: Bill Sclight


The architect’s clients often state that his drawings alone are beautiful pieces of art. Bill has completed projects in North Fork, Florida, New York City, North Carolina, and Europe. Bill has always had the makings of a great architect, and it can be said to come from his lineage. Bill’s father was a prominent architect in Philadelphia, known for similar outstanding works.

W.A. Sclight Architect P. C is located in Water Mill on the East End of Long Island. The services provided by the firm range from Architectural Design to Attic Conversion, Barn Design & Construction, 3D Rendering, Home Remodeling, Home Restoration, House Plans, Universal Design, Handicap-Accessible Design, Historic Building Conservation, Custom Homes, and much more.

For the Best Architect in The Hamptons, Bill Sclight visit his newly designed website: HERE.

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