Lamplight Equestrian Center: A Guiding Light For All Aspiring Riders

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About 41 miles West of Chicago nestled in the little town of Wayne lies a world-class sportsman’s paradise: Lamplight Equestrian Center

Horseback riding aficionados from arou.nd the country have been known to travel here with their horses and trailers in order to compete in riding competitions which can only be found in a just a few premier places across the U.S.

All Photos Credit: Andrew Ryback Photography

Equestrians of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds gather on these spacious show grounds to test their skills on challenging courses in front of a panel of judges and enthusiastic fans, in hopes of capturing a prestigious 1st place Blue ribbon.

Since the 1980s, Lamplight Equestrian Center has developed a proven reputation for being the ultimate location in the Midwest for talented riders to assemble and compete against one another. With enough acreage to cover 20 football fields, Lamplight accommodates all visitors with every comfort and convenience imaginable; from state of the art stables to concession stands (offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner food) to air-conditioned washrooms.

On the day of an event, pristine white tents with matching tables and chairs can be seen throughout the premises awaiting fans, families, and all invited guests with gourmet food, champagne, etc. While a horse and rider are navigating a typical challenging course, qualified judges train their eyes on the horse and rider’s every move, resulting in a final score for each individual while the crowd watches all of the live-action with the benefit of large T.V. monitors and a scoreboard.

A premier equestrian center of this caliber attracts families with riders as young as 7 years old, while their older siblings or parents are either on horseback themselves or in the cheering crowd. Vendors throughout the horseback riding community offering everything from fine Italian clothes, custom made saddles, and a never-ending line of accessories are always on hand and ready to help all types of customers – from beginning novices to accomplished veteran riders.

All Photos Credit: Andrew Ryback Photography

Meanwhile, the talented thoroughbreds are pampered in the state of the art stables, with all the comforts of home, including fresh hay and running water, while their owners relax at nearby tables complete with comfortable chairs and electrical outlets.

As a regular visitor and an occasional competitor, I’m always impressed no matter how times I come here to Lamplight. Whether I’m looking for a stable for my horse or transporting my golf cart, the employees are always courteous and act like they’ve known me for years. The show grounds are always in impeccable condition, along with convenient concession stands and excellent vendors including The Bizi Bee Boutique, Midwest English Tack, Impulse Unlimited, Oros Saddlery, Tack Trunks, etc., Winchester Boat Works, Barrington Saddlery, and Saddlers Row – making this a spectacular destination I always look forward to coming to!

Indeed, Lamplight Equestrian Center is the Midwest’s pinnacle horseback riding sanctuary and has only improved its facilities over the years, inspiring young riders to sharpen their skills while consistently raising the standards for advanced veterans to achieve even more accolades…


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