Marco Foster’s Stylish Fundraising Continues with The Grinch Who Gave Back Christmas

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Marco Foster is grateful to be alive. After facing death and winning the fight against a life-threatening brain tumor, this notable Chicagoan is firmly in control of his life and vows to live every day to the fullest. Moreover, he’s working to ensure that others have the same opportunity.

In 2009, after trouble with his vision led him to seek medical advice, Foster received grave news.

“It was the scariest moment of my life. To move from thinking that you simply need glasses to suspected nerve damage to the diagnosis of a brain tumor is a pretty crazy escalation. The whole journey was terrifying.” But Foster was determined to keep breathing. Following surgery, his determination to regain good health undoubtedly contributed to what can best be described as a truly miraculous recovery. “I was on the court playing basketball 6 days after surgery, which I’m sure my doctors did not recommend, but it helped me feel normal again.”

grinchIn reality, while Foster would again regain his health, “normal” would be an evolving concept. “Since my diagnosis, I have really dedicated myself to helping others. During my battle I was uplifted by my friends and family and the support of others. Without this support my journey would have been even harder.”

Marco Foster works as an IT specialist by day and a style-savvy fundraiser by night, organizing events that have raised over $40,000 for charities across the state. This summer’s White Party was Foster’s largest to date, with 600 attendees and over $10,000 raised for One Hope United, an organization that works to improve foster care of children and adolescents and protect at-risk juveniles from abuse and neglect. Having once been in the foster system himself, One Hope United is particularly close to his heart.

Photos courtesy of Marco Foster

This month Marco Foster will host another of his highly anticipated events, The Grinch Who Gave Back Christmas. Taking place at The Underground on Friday, December 12th at 9:00 P.M., this Whoville themed party will raise awareness and support for the Brain Injury Association of Illinois. Foster explains that his own traumatic medical journey endears this nonprofit to him. “I am so lucky to be able to give back to this amazing organization.” Guests can expect a fun evening while enjoying cocktails and a possible appearance by the Grinch himself.

With these various charitable affiliations, one element runs through each fundraising effort: Marco Foster’s impeccable style. The altruist believes style is a means of expressing oneself without speaking. “A person’s style portrays a lot about their personality. I try to constantly stay positive, and I think that my style is in-line with this. When you look into my closet you will see a lot of colorful accents and fun sneakers, I never take my style too seriously!” He continues, “It also really helps to set your mood. I might not be having the best day, but when I throw on a bright tie or a great pocket square, I instantly feel happier.” We can believe that! And it is surely Foster’s attention to the style and detail that make his fundraisers the success that they have become.

“I work hard to make sure that each part of my events are the best they can be. On any day you can find me stuffing gift bags, planning seating charts, or spreading knowledge about the charities I support. I try to fit as much as I can into 24 hours and I am super hands on, so I am always keeping busy.” – Marco Foster

Chicago is unquestionably better for it.

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