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Oceanco has stood out as one of the world’s finest builders of luxurious yachts. They have excelled in form, design, and functionality; taking luxury sea vessels to a different height. Oceanco prides itself in bringing your vision for a sea vessel to life. They strive to build what the term ‘The perfect yacht’. Oceanco has outdone other companies in yacht designs. The yacht builder is based in the Netherlands and is named for many of the most amazing superyachts in the world.

If you are a true fan of luxurious sail vessels, you might recognize the names Black Pearl, Dar, Jubilee, and Alfa Nero. There’s more to know and like about Oceanco for the luxury yacht lover.



Oceanco was founded in 1987 by Richard Hein and has since built 29 custom yachts with up to 110m in length. The company’s current owner is Mohammed Al Barwani, a private investor and lover of the sea. Some of the first large yachts built by the company include Al Mirab- whose name was changed from Indian empress to NEOM, Stargate, and Constellation. Stargate and Constellation were built for the royal family of Qatar with identical designs.

In 2002, when Oceanco was bought by Theodore Angelopoulos a Greek shipping tycoon, he focused the company on 80m yachts. During that time, magnificent vessels like Amevi, Vibrant, Curiosity, and Alfa Nero were built.

In 2010, Mohammed Al Barwani became the new owner. He was greatly concerned with moving Oceanco to even higher feats. Mohammed Barwani has other business interests in the oil and gas industry. He has led the company to focus more on custom yacht building, and they have since built several yachts offering this unique appeal. Examples are Barbara, Infinity, Jubilee, and Bravo Eugenia. Oceanco has been nominated many times for the World Superyacht Awards.

More on Oceanco

The Oceanco design team comprises seasoned designers such as Terence Disdale, Nuvolari-Lenard, Espen Oino, Sam Sorgiovanni, Igor Lobanov, Tim Heywood, and Andrew Winch. Despite having an in-house design team, Oceanco sometimes goes the extra mile to collaborate with other world-class yacht designers. Every yacht by the yacht builders is meticulously built, with the most advanced engineering technology. Experience has long become an added advantage to the custom yacht builders as well. Every Oceanco yacht is made to transcend environmental norms or standards with performance and conscious building.

A day out on one of these luxurious yachts will certainly be an exciting experience.

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