Safestyle Stirrups Review

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This Safestyle Stirrups Review is one of such safety stirrups and we’ll give some insight into this product.

If you’ve heard the horror stories, you’ll agree that safety stirrups should be a thing. No one wants to go through the pain and trauma of having their foot caught in a stirrup. Thankfully, there are options – safety stirrups for an adult that help you avoid such accidents and ride safely.

About Safestyle Stirrups

Safestyle irons are made in the Netherlands and are a small, family-owned business. The idea for these safety irons came in 2001 when the daughter of the founder got stuck in a stirrup while the horse was running around. Although she was lucky enough to escape without injuries, the founder decided to create something that could help.

He first designed an open stirrup and after years of testing and redesigning, the safety stirrup was established. Safestyle stirrups took off as a company in 2005. They now have over 15, 000 customers/riders who use Safestyle stirrups across the globe.

Safestyle was designed to serve all kinds of riding disciplines.

Safestyle Stirrups Review

The product

Safestyle stirrups come in metal and composite versions. They are beautiful to look at and hang at a 90-degree angle off the stirrup. The stirrup is half open with no moving parts to malfunction or break. There’s a sealing rubber on one branch of the stirrup that lets your foot out or bends easily out of the way if your foot needs to come out.

This stirrup has a great balance with a wide-foot bed. It’s specifically angled so two-thirds of the foot is placed outside the stirrup to improve the rider’s position and give a good grip.

Also, since the stirrup always hangs at a right angle off the saddle, it’s easy to take your foot in and out without having to reach down.

In terms of price, Safestyle stirrups are considered affordable or fair. So far most people are impressed with Safestyle Stirrups.

The weight of each stirrup is 1.5 lbs (0.7 kilos). And they are available in 11cm (4.33″) and 12cm (4.72″).

The limitations

Most of the cons for Safestyle stirrups have less to do with the actual products. For starters, Safestye has no distributors in the U.S so you have to purchase from the website directly if you’re in North America. However, Safestyle says they are open to selling the products in horse riding shops in America or Canada.

The sizes on the website are only in centimeters which can be tricky when shopping.

Safestyle has an exchange policy that says, “you can exchange the stirrups if they are unused, undamaged, and in the original packaging. The return shipping costs are for the buyer. After we received the package back, the amount will be refunded.”

In conclusion, in this Safestyle stirrups review it’s important to ride safely and  these stirrups can help you do this easily.

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