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Cubs Convention

2017 Cubs Convention: The Road to Another World Series

The Cubs convention is a much-anticipated annual event that takes on a whole new dimension this year.  Now, we (Cubs fans, the city, and the team) are considered World Series champions for the first time since 1908 and accordingly, we have a reputation to uphold.  The Cubs image is no …

Louisville, Kentucky Travel – A Lot To Explore

Just as Kentucky the largest city, Louisville is jam-packed with entertainment and cultural attractions that attract a lot of tourists every single year. Perhaps is most popular for being the site of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is more than mere horses, though. Regardless of whether you take pleasure in baseball, …

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s New Movie “42”

Chicagoans turned their heads towards 300 N. La Salle as Chicago Cut Steakhouse was celebrating the debut of Harrison Ford’s new movie “42”, which captures the remarkable life story of baseball All Star Jackie Robinson.