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James Dean Reborn in Action Drama: Finding Jack

  James Dean reborn in a Vietnam-era action drama titled Finding Jack is unexpected news. It seems it is possible that there are roles that can only be played by talents long gone. Up until now, the film industry has had to make do with living and fresh stars, but …

Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood’s Most Alluring Starlet

Elizabeth Taylor was the beautiful packaging of an unusual mixture of characteristics. She was simultaneously loving and combative, delicate and harsh, nurturing and merciless. Today she is remembered for all this, along the endless glamour that accentuated her every move.

James Dean: Hollywood Bad Boy

Although James Dean lived a short life, his impact on American pop culture has proven to be timeless. Before James became a teen heartthrob, he attended the Actors Studio and studied under Lee Strasberg. Soon after, he was cast alongside legends like Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. His time on …