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Sheila Lamb

Gene Simmons, Sheila Lamb, and K.W.O.E.

As a rock legend of the 1970s, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Gene Simmons has proven to be a multi-dimensional, intriguing character who recently visited a downtown nightclub for a unique purpose: to celebrate Changing Lives with Sheila Lamb of Matt Lamb’s Umbrella for Peace Campaign and K.W.O.E. After accommodating the media …

Matt Lamb

Love, Peace, and Matt Lamb Forever

The legacy of the brilliant artist Matt Lamb was honored Sunday night at the River East Art Gallery (Matt Lamb Museum) as hundreds of friends, family, and dignitaries gathered — some from as far away as Spain, Germany, and the U.K.

Matt Lamb Masterpieces Showcased

Matt Lamb, an internationally recognized artist in generous collaboration with Mr. Juan Javier Bofill presented to the city of Chicago, The Museum of Private Collections featuring the Work of Dali and Lamb