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Golden Globes Nominations: 'Vice' Leads With 6, 'Versace' Tops TV With 4

Golden Globes Nominations: ‘Vice’ Leads With 6, ‘Versace’ Tops TV With 4

With several of our favorite stars, film, and TV being recognized, the upcoming event is set to be a thrilling success. The ceremony will take place at the famous Beverly Hilton Hotel and be hosted by Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh.

Golden Globes Unveils New Trophy for 2019 Ceremony

The Golden Globe Award got a makeover! A look at the 2019 trophy

This year in the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards, the trophy will be making its debut and recipients will get to savor this change up close, as they take home an award for excellence. The date for the event is January 6th 2019 and it will be broadcasted live by NBC at 8 pm EST and I On The Scene will be covering the kick off to award season 2019.

Top 10 Luxury Christmas Gifts for Him

Top 8 Luxury Christmas Gifts For Him

When it comes to choosing special gifts for the man in your life, you can quickly find yourself faced with no options to choose from. Thankfully, picking a Christmas gift for the man who loves travel and luxury can be easy with the right guide. Here are the top 8 …

The Tree House Renaissance

The Tree House Revival

Tree houses have a long and steady history. They have always been a fascinating thing to people. A tree house is quite simply a house in a tree. It is usually located in the woods or in a place close to nature. Some people might think the idea of a …

Ravello: Amalfi Coast Retreat

Ravello: Amalfi Coast Retreat

Some places are just perfect for a luxurious trip. They offer you all the magic and breathtaking beauty you can imagine. Ravello is one of such outstanding places. It is a small town sitting proudly and confidently on a cliff above the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is a popular tourist destination …

Top 10 Luxury Christmas Gifts for Her

 Top 8 Luxury Christmas Gifts For Her

The holidays mark a time of celebration and gifting. You might find yourself confused about the best gifts to get for your loved one or special lady. Well, fret no more as you can consider some great options to make a suitable choice. Read on to know 8 Luxury Christmas …

“Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love” by Michelle LeClair

Introduction Scientology is set of religious ideas and beliefs with certain practices founded by American author Lafayette Ronal Hubbard in 1952, his first ideas about Scientology developed in 1938  and were documented in a book form named Excalibur that was never published. Those ideas were refined in Dianetics: The Modern Science …

The Lesson on Freedom and Independence with Rita Cosby

The Lesson on Freedom and Independence with Rita Cosby

The 1stof December 2018 will remain in the hearts of those who attended the tribute event in Copernicus Center. The event themed “A Lesson on Freedom and Independence” was sponsored by Lowell International Foods and hosted by the renowned American journalist, Rita Cosby. The main goal was to create awareness …

A Foodie Break at Fishmore Hall in Ludlow, UK

Fishmore Hall is a Shropshire country house hotel overlooking Ludlow. It is privately-owned and offers magnificent views of the countryside to its visitors. This Georgian house has been restored to consist of 15 luxurious, modern bedrooms and bathrooms. The hotel is dog-friendly and suitable for a vacation, lazy weekend break, …

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips to help get through that time of the year when everyone is completely excited and carried away with the food, reunions, and the good cheer that comes with the season. Amidst the noise, preparations, and activities, it might be easy to forget that such celebrations are …