San Miguel de Allende Is the Best City in the World

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How do you determine if a place is the best place in the world? It might seem confusing because there are so many places offering both beauty and charm but for the average traveler or explorer that’s not all that matters. Some tourists say they judge a place or city based on anything from hospitality to architecture, beauty, attractions, things to do, and more importantly cost-effectiveness. Even when you are going for a luxurious holiday, you still want to be able to afford it. Based on this San Miguel de Allende has become more popular over the last few years as both tourists and top travel sites have deemed it the best city in the world. The title has stuck for the last 2-4 years.

San Miguel de Allende is a Mexican city so as expected it is magical indeed. There are several things that make this city stand out.

  • History

Nothing beats a city with history. It gives you something to explore and feel a part of. San Miguel de Allende was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rightly so as it has preserved much of its culture and passed it down to younger generations. In architecture, cuisine and more you can see a unique and beautiful culture.

  • Architecture

San Miguel de Allende is known for its signature cobblestone streets and Spanish-colonial building built-in bright colors. As a cultural heritage site, even new buildings retain the traditional architecture and continue to contribute to the charm of this city that entrances every visitor.

  • Restaurants and nightlife

As far as exotic dishes go, you can count on San Miguel de Allende to lead amongst others. The cuisine is often tagged as the best part of the city. Dig into gorditas, mole, inventive flavors, and more. The city has over 350 markets and restaurants. Be sure to stop by Moxi Restaurant where the renowned chef Enrique Olvera gives all Mexican dishes a twist. Start with a common favorite tempura shrimp with Criolla fries and chipotle mayonnaise. There are also local kitchens where the food is fresh, tasty, yet ridiculously cheap. When the sun sets to join the locals and other visitors to eat, drink, and wander the delightful cobblestone streets.

  • Things to do and see

Pick your most comfortable shoes for a time wandering the streets of this historic town. Admire the architecture, learn the culture, meet the locals, and more. Check out the San Miguel de Allende Bridge, the Plaza Principal complete with a lush garden, the statue of General Iganacio Maria Allende Unzaga, colorful flags, and décor on a special day. There’s much more to do and see in this magnificent city.

  • Cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is a great attraction to any city for a tourist or traveler. San Miguel de Allende makes everything affordable from food to accommodation and much more. Plus, you can see the sights and visit anywhere by simply walking around and not having to take the bus or rent a car.


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