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The Masked Singer Costumes Season 2

  Top on our list of strange shows everyone loves is none other than the singing competition, The Masked Singer. When this show first hit the screens, everyone agreed it was odd. But the excitement and concept behind the entire show is simply mind-boggling. The Masked Singer involves celebrities going …

Emmys 2019

Emmys 2019 & What You Should Know

  Awards ceremonies are the highlight of the year for those in the entertainment industry and their eager fans. It’s no secret that 2019 has been a busy award year with some surprises here and there. One award ceremony, however, that currently has everyone talking is the Emmys 2019. It turns …

Iowa Caucuses

Iowa Caucuses: One Last Ride Before

With mere days before the Iowa Caucuses, Republican candidates are still vying to position themselves for the fight after the first votes are cast. Some are aiming to win and gain momentum, while others are simply trying to survive to fight on into the primary season.