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The Aspen Ideas Festival 2019

What is your biggest idea? These words are synonymous with the Aspen Ideas Festival. The festival is aimed at having deep, intimate conversations on the subjects that matter to a nation and the world. Ideally, this festival is something everyone should attend but if you are a deep thinker, a …

Obama Shines at his Final White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a night to remember. Barack Obama’s swan song was filled with some of his best gags and jokes. Maybe after he leaves the White House, he’ll consider a comedy tour. The event also helped put a positive note on Obama’s relationship with the …

Superdelegates: The Last Defense Against Political Parasites

The way the talking heads discuss them, you’d think superdelegates were some magical and inscrutable species. Numerous shows and articles have been devoted to discussing the strangeness and specialness of this class of party delegate. Yet they are quite mundane. Superdelegates are simply the party officeholders and officials who make up …

Why We Need to Stop Using the Unemployment Rate

Discouraged workers are notoriously difficult to bring back into the workforce, so it is easier to ignore the problem than to address it. If we want real meaningful discussions, and real solutions, for our economy, we need to start talking about total unemployment including discouraged workers.

One Last Ride Before Iowa

With mere days before the Iowa Caucuses, Republican candidates are still vying to position themselves for the fight after the first votes are cast. Some are aiming to win and gain momentum, while others are simply trying to survive to fight on into the primary season.

Election 2016: The Collapse of Hillary’s Opposition

Over the past couple weeks, everything’s been coming up Hillary. For a while the former Secretary of State was looking harried: a still-simmering email and Benghazi scandal, a far-left opponent gaining traction in polls, and shadow-boxing with Joe Biden’s potential candidacy have all taken their toll on her numbers and energy. Not so any longer, it seems. One by one, her foes have given ground.

Election 2016: Jim Webb, Independent Candidate?

On Tuesday Jim Webb became the latest presidential primary candidate to drop his bid. However, unlike Rick Perry and Scott Walker (who withdrew earlier in the race), Webb has not bowed out of the race entirely. In fact, his drop-out speech had more of the hallmarks of call to arms …

Election 2016: Assessing the Democrats’ Debate Performances

A lot can change in one night. The first democratic debate has certainly shaken out the field of the candidates. Here’s how the debate will alter each campaigns: Jim Webb – Sore Loser Out Jim Webb gave what was undoubtedly the weakest performance of the evening, relying on biography and …

Election 2016: At Long Last, the Democratic Race Gets Rolling

The presidential primary season has been something of a two-speed race this summer. The Republicans has been extremely frenetic, presenting a packed field stuffed with a wide array of sharp-elbowed characters. The Donald Trump Show has dominated the summer, throwing a spanner into the party establishment’s plan of anointing one of the more mainstream candidates.

Election 2016: Trump Sets Himself Apart on the Economy

On Monday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump announced his economic policy. Speaking from his headquarters in Trump Tower, The Donald distinguished himself in the crowded field with pledges well outside of contemporary party orthodoxy.