I On The Scene

Palmer Floral Shop: Flowers, Chocolates, and Fresh Fruit… Oh My!

To the casual passerby, Palmer Floral Shop, located at 1926 S. Mannheim Road in Westchester, IL, appears on the outside to be just like any other store you might drive by and hardly notice. However on the inside, you will make a wonderful discovery: a unique place, blending all of …

The Klairmont Kollections

So what’s it like to walk through an automotive wonderland? It’s kind of hard to explain, but the gateway to auto heaven is at 3111 N. Knox St.

Gia – The World’s First Supermodel

Gia Carangi was the first and most famous super-model of all time. Born in Philadelphia, she spent most of her childhood consumed by chaos and instability. Her parent’s divorce led to a strained relationship with her mother, and the beginning of a long struggle with substance abuse. In Philly, she …

Bette Davis: Hollywood’s Leading Star

Bette Davis played many roles, making appearance in over 100 films. She was fearless in taking a wide range of roles that were sometimes devious and unsympathetic, something that many other leading ladies of this time refused to do.

An Introduction to America’s Most Exclusive Social Clubs (Part Two)

Wealth and power are notoriously seductive. Perhaps that is why the mystique surrounding exclusive social clubs, the traditional hideouts and playgrounds of rich and powerful, is so strong

Marilyn Monroe: America’s Original Sex Symbol

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortensen in Los Angeles on June 1st, 1926.

Garth Brooks

A cautionary tale about the pitfalls of bureaucratic incompetence played out in Ireland over the last several days. American country music star Garth Brooks

The Lazarus Conspiracies Premiers in Chicago

Chicago’s literary society wonderfully turned out for the Chicago premier of acclaimed Streeterville novelist Richard Rose’s new murder mystery “The Lazarus Conspiracies.”

Vivien Leigh: The Magic and the Madness

This throwback Thursday we honor the incredibly talented Vivien Leigh.

James Dean: Hollywood Bad Boy

Although James Dean lived a short life, his impact on American pop culture has proven to be timeless. Before James became a teen heartthrob, he attended the Actors Studio and studied under Lee Strasberg. Soon after, he was cast alongside legends like Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. His time on …