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Anti-Cruelty Society

Fashionable Fundraising for the Anti-Cruelty Society

Bloomingdale’s in Chicago was the place to be March 26th. Benefitting the Anti-Cruelty Society, this year’s Chosen Man’s Best Friend and Factor Felines Event was a success even before the night started. The 4th annual fundraiser boasted more than $3,000 in donations before the first model hit the runway.

Carrie Fisher – Everything Everlasting

It would be a shame to limit your memory of the late Carrie Fisher to what you have seen or heard about her role as Princess Leia in the epic Star Wars series. She may be most known for this role, but her contribution to society reaches much further.

Chicago Embraces Diversity

The 4th Annual Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference

Cinespace Film Studios was the scene for The 4th Annual Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference hosted in Chicago on December 2, 2016. A multi-cultural group attended the event and were inspired by speakers from around the country. This unique conference explored the culture, diversity, and contributions of Americans from the …

The Gotham Independent Film Awards 2016

New York seems a perfect location to open film awards season as host to the IFP Gotham Awards. The city seems to be a pivotal player in independent filmmaking. Tonight’s event, which honors these visual artists, includes the Gotham Tributes honoring Amy Adams, Ethan Hawke, Arnon Milchan and Oliver Stone. …

Be A Phyter With Chef David Choi, Jr.

Health and nutrition are interrelated aspects of our lives. Good health is achieved through proper nutrition and is a norm people have to adapt to in their daily lives and/or every time they need nutrients to replenish their health. Because of this, creating awareness and training different interest groups on …

Chicago Cubs 2016 Season: A Five Year Miracle in the Making

Chicago Cubs 2016 Season: A Five Year Miracle in the Making Theo Epstein became President of Cubs general operations five short years ago with quite a challenge to overcome: a team with a seemingly never-ending history of disappointments.  The Chicago Cubs collapse of ‘69, the disaster against San Diego in …

5th Annual Primo Classico

5th Annual Primo Classico

The 5th annual Primo Classico brought together 350 guests in support of an ambitious mission: to break the cycle of intergenerational homelessness and poverty for families in Chicago.

The End of An Era: The Chicago Cubs

  The Chicago Cubs have finally done it! After a long 71-year drought, the Cubs have advanced to the World Series where they will go on to face the Cleveland Indians. Despite their curse, I don’t know how many people were betting against the Cubs. Just look at their season. …

Hollywood Comes to Chicago: Cinespace Chicago Film Studios

Cinespace Chicago Film Studios Founder Nikolaos Mirkopoulos brought his remarkable Toronto production co. to the Windy City about six years ago. Nik was firm believer in Chicago’s slogan “Make no little plans,” Boasting 1.45 million square feet spread out across 65 acres, Cinespace studios’ facilities include 20 soundproof stages, ranging in …

NEW RELEASE: Dig My Feeling by Willie Bobo

”The sound a Latin cat in Harlem would dig.” Dig My Feeling is a new album, with previously unreleased tracks, from one of the most revered musicians in Latin and Afro-Cuban Jazz, the late great Willie Bobo. This exclusive release came together with the help of Bobo’s wife, Alicia, and …