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Democratic Party Civil War

The Coming Democratic Party Civil War

“Party powerbrokers seek to stop the grassroots surge.” “Establishment candidates accused of conspiring to steal delegates.” “Candidate’s supporters feel cheated by an unfair electoral system.” “Campaigners claim primary opponent is bought and paid for.” “Party Establishment facing revolution from the grassroots.”   These are the kinds of headlines that have …

Glitz & Glamour

A Spectacular Glitz & Glamour Celebration

The Grand Ballroom at the Peninsula Hotel was the perfect setting for the Second Annual Glitz & Glamour event, which benefits A Silver Lining Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of Barbara Bradford and Robert L. Sherman, owners of A. Marek Fine Jewelry, 100% of the proceeds generated from the ticket …

Cari Meyers

The Chicago Pet Project : Cari Meyers’ New Book

The Chicago Pet Projectinspired by a story she read on the internet in 2009, The Puppy Mill Project Founder and President Cari Meyers discovered some eye-opening facts: dogs are being bred commercially across the U.S. in terrible living conditions. Even more astonishing, apparently no one was doing anything to prevent …

Republican Establishment

The Long, Slow Death of the Republican Establishment

The deaths of Nancy Reagan and Antonin Scalia have come to be emblematic of the death of that age-old beast: The Republican Party Establishment. These two figures, deeply embedded in the conservative hierarchy for many decades, were some of the last figures of a bygone era in GOP politics, one …

Dennis Andritsis Hits a Grand Slam in 16” Softball

Congratulations to Dennis Andritsis: from the streets of Chicago to the 16” Softball Hall of Fame! Over an outstanding 15-year athletic career spanning 1963 – 1978, Dennis Andritsis played 16” softball for one of the greatest softball teams in the history of the game: Sobies Sports Tap from Cicero. On …

The Magic of Kris Kristofferson

“I always try to be as honest as I can in the songwriting, otherwise there’s no point in doing it…” – Kris Kristofferson Country music’s greatest stars gathered Wednesday night in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena to pay tribute to one of the industry’s most beloved artists – Kris Kristofferson. The Life …

Why We Need to Stop Using the Unemployment Rate

Discouraged workers are notoriously difficult to bring back into the workforce, so it is easier to ignore the problem than to address it. If we want real meaningful discussions, and real solutions, for our economy, we need to start talking about total unemployment including discouraged workers.

A Battle for Free Speech

A Battle for Free Speech

A documentary film now in production, “A Battle for Free Speech,” shows the human cost of a misguided decision, the trampling of rights of free speech and due process for 1.4 million union members, which continues to this day.

A Look Back at the Grammys

The Grammys is one of the most prestigious celebrations of outstanding achievements within the music industry. As the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science celebrates its 58th edition tonight, we’re taking a look back at the history of the ceremony and some of its past winners. The Grammys will be broadcast tonight on CBS.

Lisa Zembruski and Fit Bodies, Inc.

New this year on I On The Scene will be special features focused on individuals and organizations that are on the forefront of providing opportunities to improve people’s overall well-being.