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Galaween Party Benefits Chicago’s Youth

Honoring founder Nikolas Mirkopoulos, the first annual Galaween was a success and will be able to continue to help families affected by violence in their communities.

2015 Chicago International Film Festival

The 51st annual Chicago International Film Festival was a luminous celebration of cinematic visions from around the world. With more than 130 films on display, representing over 50 countries, the longest running competitive film festival in the US continues to brilliantly “bring the world to Chicago.”

Soup’s On for Winter in Chicago

From broth to bisque, you’re going to enjoy taking a tour of soup across the city. Check out these five belly-warming soups.

Winter Warmers: 6 Cocktails Guaranteed to Stave Off Autumn Chills

Despite the harsh winters that tend to accost the Midwest as the calendar year ends, the City of Big Shoulders is not one to shy away from seeking refuge. Especially if it means sipping on a cocktail sure to warm you up. Here are six of the Windy City’s best offerings to stop the winter chill.

International Film Festival

The Chicago International Film Festival Returns Triumphant in its 51st Year

Frank Sinatra said it best: “Chicago is my kind of town”. The same emotions I feel when I hear Sinatra croon those lyrics about my city were evoked in the pride and passion filling the historic Auditorium Theater on October 15, 2015. The 51st Annual Chicago International Film Festival kicked off an amazing red carpet ceremony for the opening night of the much-anticipated independent film Mia Madre. The arts showed up dressed to the nines for a beautiful night of appreciation of cinema.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson – The Face That Changed It All

When I hear the name Beverly Johnson, I immediately think of the beautiful African-American woman I grew up emulating in the mirror when I was a little girl. Idolizing the first woman of color to grace the cover of the prestigious Vogue magazine in 1974, many young black girls hoped …

Expo Milano

Expo Milano 2015: Culture, Cuisine, and the End of Hunger

It is not difficult to understand why Milan is one of the world’s most toured cities. Its beautiful architecture, rich history and culture, and relevance in today’s fashion and entertainment industries make is a top destination for travelers. This year, Milan has served as host to an event that has …

Kim Davis

Kim Davis : No One Who Supports the Constitution Should Support Her

Kim Davis, an obscure Kentucky county clerk, made headlines in recent weeks for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Her justification is avowedly faith-based, claiming that to issue the licenses would be repugnant to her Christianity, and that she is protected under the Constitution’s injunction against discrimination …

Rush Street

Rush Street Reunion 2015

Rush Street Reunion 2015 is celebrated at Connie’s Pizza the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of years in the past came to life on one special afternoon. This special event brought together some of the original musicians, D.J.’s, and vocalists who made an indelible impression on our minds years ago at …


Ode to the Creative Types; Filmworkers Flourish and Seek to Service

In a world where the power of possibilities and options run limitless, sometimes having a go-to for different, yet interconnected needs is most ideal for individuals, particularly for creative causes and collections. Meet Filmworkers, a talent and service-based company feature five different creative boutiques: Filmworkers Collective, Giannini Creative, Vitamin, Treehouse …